Hemmed In

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The fact is that God is everywhere at the same time, that is why He is referred to as ‘omnipresent’ He is aware of what happens everywhere in the world. However, that’s not how we feel all the time, sometimes we feel alone and forgotten, we confess that we don’t feel Him or we can’t trace Him. Often this is brought about by mountains and giants in life that drift our focus from God. In such times I soak myself in Psalm 139, one of the few chapters in the Bible I know word for word’ it reminds me of how present and aware God is that no matter where I try to Hide, He is there. This morning verse five has been ringing on my mind, ‘You Hem me in, behind and before’ I always say that part blindly as I rush to ‘You lay your hand on me’ but today that’s all that is in my heart.

I know what hemming is, growing up my mother used to always mend our clothes and often it had something to do with the hem. So what does it mean that God hems us in behind and before? Let’s visit the University of Google. Here is a definition that caught my eye: ‘surround and restrict the space or movement of someone or something.’ That is exactly what it means, we are surrounded by God’s protection, we are embraced by His loving arms and no trespassers are allowed in. Everywhere we go, He is around us and we cannot get away from His presence. Even when we sin against God, He is still there, not with an embrace of judgment and condemnation, but that of mercy and love.

At times we are afraid of what will happen, afraid of the issues surrounding us, afraid of the unknown, afraid of consequences of our sins, God’s love is perfect and it drives out fear. We need to come to the place of acknowledging that God is close to us, we are hemmed in behind and before, we need to make a choice to focus on His presence and fear will flee. When it seems like anxiety, fear, discouragement and despair has surrounded you, remind yourself that you have been hemmed in, God’s hedge of protection is all around you, God is on your side and nothing can stand against you.

It is easier to sleep at night knowing that the watchman is at the gate watching over your house; it is assuring to lock all doors and windows at night, making sure no one has access to you. Some of us check under the bed just to be sure and then we sleep peacefully. How much more safe should we feel knowing that the creator of the Heavens and the earth has hemmed us in? Psalm 127:1 says ‘Unless the Lord watches over a city, the guards stand watch in vain’ Today, be confident in God’s word, He has laid His hand on you. You are protected. You are covered, You are hemmed in.

Remember that the cloth is sometimes twisted, pulled and even cut for the hemming to come out perfectly. Allow God to take you through the process, as long as you are in His hands, you are safe.


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  1. Amen..very powerful word..I’m blessed this morning with this..I’m hemmed in God’s arms.. Thanks rawder God bless you

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