Help us Find Manu!


So this guy Manu, is texting my daughter, he wants to know her! (Someone help me find Manu) You want to know my girl? she is only ten! What would you like to know; where she goes to school? Her favourite colour and favourite places? Do you also want to know what type of fruit she is? Where did you get her number anyway? (Someone hold me before I find Manu) Seriously Manu, you can’t wait 15 more years? Ok, Manu, am a bit calm now, let’s just talk this out. What exactly are you after? Who are you? Don’t you think you will need to find me first before you find her? Manu! Answer me! (Someone stop me before I injure Manu!)

Wait, what if there are more than one Manus, I receive funny messages all the time; fake lotteries and fake transactions, marriage proposals from very rich people of all genders. What if she also receives the same? What if Manu is actually a gang! I never give them my number but they have a way of getting it, sometimes they even come in form of dialing wrong numbers. Once someone sent me airtime by mistake, and when he called to ask for it, he fell in love with me and started calling daily to check on me (I have that effect hahahah) Thanks to some applications on our phones, we are easily traceable. Thanks too, to our generous friends who give out our numbers without asking for permission.

I have not forgotten about you Manu, let me get back to you! I am always working on a very open relationship with my child. I believe she tells me everything, she doesn’t hide the phone, and I sometimes go through it. (I will stop when she is 18, will I really?) What if I had no idea what happens in her life? What if I did not encourage her to share and be open? WHAT IF SHE REPLIED MANU? (Someone shut me up before Manu disappears)

So our children have phones, they are connected to the internet. They spend time chatting and conversing with people on phone. Let’s be alert. Don’t force them to tell you whom they are talking to or hide the phones from them. Cultivate a relationship that will enable them to be open, to share. Work on trust, and when Manu calls and they pick, don’t be harsh. If Manu hasn’t tested yet, set the rules; tell them not to answer texts from strangers. Manu doesn’t care about age, Manu is looking for something. Please someone help me stop Manu from hurting our children.



3 thoughts on “Help us Find Manu!

  1. i think there are many manu’s out there(close friends,neighbors,cousins)but primarily it depends in which extent the girl is exposed in that matter and how curious is she.generally it depends on her curiousity level,if she’s an explorer and constantly seeks exictment and stimulation,better keep her knowledgeable about the dangers.the best way to defend is to attack,therefore consider her friends,behavior and what shes generally upto.

  2. This is a nice one. Being open with our little ones and being able to listen to them first before attacking will cultivate trust that in turn helps a great deal in dealing with and talking about such situations

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