Like in many digital families, sometimes it happens that my daughter and I are always together but very far apart because of our beloved phones.

So in one of such occasions, I notice that she is very sad, it’s strange! Games always make her happy and excited and sometimes yappy and jumpy. Of course I ask what is happening and she says the baby hasn’t come?  WHAT BABY? I know…right? I thought you are playing games, where are babies coming from?

She leans over and shows to me the game she is playing. She explains in detail how she is supposed to pick a pregnant lady from the house, take her for checkups, REMOVE HER CLOTHES, perform an ultrasound, get the sex of the baby, allow her to rest and then take her to the labour ward. There, my daughter checks the temperature, pressure, position of the baby and …. (Yes, presses the ‘PUSH’ button) she then clothes the baby and gives a name. If she takes too long, the baby may die.

I then realize that the game has been played for two months and it even has levels! After being taken through this process, what else can I say…I only have two options, either ‘let’s go eat’, or ‘let’s go sleep’

It then dawns on me that I know she downloads games and I get to play SOMETIMES, we started by sudoku and cross word puzzles, I have no idea how we started delivering babies. Of course I had to take the phone and get to know all the games, very scared that I might find one on how to sniff and inject hard drugs.

We get it, Today’s child has a phone and iPad, free internet at home and freedom. Freedom to download, freedom to watch, freedom to share. Kids are exploring the internet; they are getting their questions answered. They receive 100% attention there. Of course not everything is negative; we have few googling ‘Best innovations in the world’. But truth be told, most are attracted to the wrong side.

Today’s parent is busy: Finding bread for the child, busy on social Media, busy with life, running up and down. Some are trying to balance instead of prioritizing, while others are covering their absence with gifts.

Parenting is a commitment. It is not a list of things to do; it is doing all that comes with it.  It is our responsibility to raise a sober generation. Do you know what your child is using the internet for? Please find out before it finds you out!

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