He Made A Way


This morning I remember the first COVID-19 announcement in March this year. The fear, paranoia and panic that surrounded me. I had no answers for my daughter, I could not ask my husband for healing. I felt helpless and defeated. In the midst of it all, I made a prayer, asking God for special covering; hopeful to see December. It seemed impossible to hear that we shall make it to April.

The only song on my mind right now is Travis Greene’s ‘Made A Way’ . If it were not for the hand of God, things could have been worse all over the world. Yes we have lost many people and we have all been affected one way or the other. But, we have a reason to praise the Lord our Ebenezer. Because when our backs were against the wall and we thought that it was over, He made a way. We have seen the month of December. Praise be to Jesus!

If you are facing storms right now, feeling defeated and exhausted; remember that joy comes in the morning. This same God who changes not will make a way for you. His miracles are beyond what experts say, His works amaze the word and what He can do, no man can do. “God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Isaiah 43:19. Look at what He has done for Kenya, look at what He is doing in Africa; after mass deaths had been predicted.

Be encouraged today, God is the reason why you are alive. Praise Him through the storms of life. It doesn’t matter what the statistics show: He never fails. Join me in thanking God for this new month of December. Let us declare that God is doing a new thing in our lives. It is not too late to experience His goodness and miracles this year. He is making a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.


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