He Knows

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One of my favourite songs is by ‘Jason Crabb’ titled, ‘He knows what He’s doing.’ It is an assurance to us that no matter how we are feeling, how we are doing, what we are going through; God knows what He is doing. Below is part of the song:

He’s never failed us before,

He has shown us His Goodness,

His Love will endure

His Ways are higher than our own

Whatever the road

Whatever the road

If I have it my way

I’ll take this from you

But God, He knows what He’s doing

What an assurance, that the creator of the heavens and the earth knows what He is doing. Maybe as a human being you would want the pain to go immediately, you would want happiness every day, you would want things to go as you prayed. But it does not always happen that way. Our assurance is found in the fact that our God is all knowing. He is intentional. Romans 8:28 sums it all up, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Have you heard of the girl who cried for the lollipop? Maybe you have heard, or even seed. Who knows maybe you are that girl. Well, the girl was wailing and rolling on the floor because she wanted a lollipop from her parents. Her tricks were in vain because her parents were not giving her what she wanted. She threatened to break things, threatened to move, threatened not to talk to the parents again, but she did not get the lollipop. The parents did this because they wanted her to eat healthy, they knew if she ate the lollipop she would struggle eating her dinner, and she would start having toothaches at night. Was the lollipop there? Yes. Was it bought for the girl? Yes. Maybe she had even seen it, but the timing was wrong. The parents knew what they were doing. It was for her good.

Are you crying, rolling on the floor, mad at God, threatening to backslide, threatening never to pray again, and threatening to quit serving because of what you want now? It may be a job, a spouse, a child, promotion, a house, finances, health or business. Whatever the desire is: Be still and know that He is God. (Psalm 46:10) He knows what He is going. He has reasons why it is not happening now. Be assured that it is already there, bought for you. It is yours. Just not now. The waiting may be hurtful and long. But the health issues that might come with eating a lollipop just before going to bed may be more hurtful. Trust in the omnipotent God. His ways are higher than our ways.

May the Lord teach us to rest in the assurance that He knows what He is doing.


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