He is Growing Fast!

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My baby boy is seven and a half months now! Isn’t the Lord faithful! He is all over the place crawling from corner to corner, putting everything and anything in his mouth. He still looks like his dad (I almost said unfortunately. Hahaha) With his two little teeth, he can now eat some food apart from breast milk. I just love observing him grow; sometimes I don’t notice, but anytime someone visits they get amazed on how grown he is. That’s when I have a second look at him and do my usual “by the waaay! nod” He is gradually moving from one stage to another and before I know it, he will be running all over the house. Thank you Jesus!

It worries every parent when the baby is not growing; when milestones are not being hit in good time. One of my friend’s nine month old has no single tooth, we recently met and she was shocked that my son had two already. She immediately started wondering what was wrong with his son. Another mother calmed her and reminded her that all babies are different and they grow differently.

This morning I have been asking myself several questions concerning different areas of my life. Including, I’m I growing? Does lack of growth in any area affect me? Can the people around me notice growth in me? Well, there are some areas in my life that need a plan. A serious growth plan!

Now let’s talk about our spiritual lives. Our relationship with God. It’s almost mid year, can you point out areas that you have grown spiritually? Compare yourself to a seven month old. Have you started crawling? Do you have any teeth? Can you even sit on your own? Have you started taking sold food? Can you recognize your caregiver’s voice? Okay, let me ask better questions: How is your Bible reading plan going? How is your prayer life? Did you make any spiritual resolutions for the year? Are you intentional about them? Can you her God better because of how close you are to Him?

Many times we flaunt our financial and career growth but we are comfortably stagnant spiritually. Well, we are all different and we grow differently but we better be growing. There should be evidence of growth in our Bible reading, our prayer lives, our fellowships and the fruit of the spirit.

We grow by exercising. We have to work at it. We have to be intentional about feeding on solid food. Hebrews 6:1 talks about moving from the elementary teachings about Christ and growing into maturity. The previous chapter talks about solid food being for the mature. It is time to look deeply into our lives and be intentional about spiritual growth.

I pray that you and I will be bothered any time there’s lack of spiritual growth in our lives. That we will keep exercising our spiritual muscles even when we don’t feel like it. That our growth will be noticed. Our growth will impact those around us positively. May the Lord increase our faith and help us get our priorities right.


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