Greenhouse Christians

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Greenhouse crop farming has numerous advantages. I once visited a greenhouse farm and couldn’t help but marvel at the huge juicy tomatoes. I was informed that even the off season crops do so well in greenhouses because the most suitable climatic conditions are established for each stage of the crops. The crops are also protected against extreme weather conditions, against pests, weeds and diseases. The crops have no choice but to thrive. But most of these cannot survive outside the greenhouse.

This morning I came across the phrase ‘greenhouse Christians’ defined as Christians who thrive in specific environments. Those who only read the Bible, pray and go for fellowship because the environment favours them. When things are flowing on smoothly, they are faithful; they are obedient and loyal to the faith. When there is joy unspeakable, peace, good health and favour, success in business and careers: Then the greenhouse Christians thrive and praise the name of the Lord. But they cannot survive outside their perfect conditions and environments.

When storms of life hit the peaceful boats, the greenhouse Christian fades away; they bail out. Their faithfulness is determined by the conditions around them. When there is no food, no money, when there are no friends; when sickness creeps in, when the business is not doing well, when the marriage is on the rocks, then they can no longer be faithful to the faith.

God is looking for faithful servants. Those who will stay even when they don’t feel like it: Those who will not back down when they receive a bad report. Maybe you feel like quitting today because you are out of the greenhouse; the conditions are harsh. Be reminded that God rewards your faithfulness. Stay in prayer, stay in His word, stay faithful to the faith you confess. ‘If you falter in a time of trouble, how small is your strength!’ Proverbs 24:10. May the days of trouble cause your faith to thrive, may the harsh conditions propel you to hold on to God’s strength. With God, you will not only survive but thrive outside the greenhouse.

We serve a God who is faithful no matter what! Even when we are unfaithful. He does not change with the conditions surrounding us. May He strengthen you and cause you to stay faithful in and out of the greenhouse.


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