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Let me tell you what happened to me after campus, some of my schoolmates ‘had it easier’ so I thought. Before even graduating, they had ‘big jobs’ so I thought. It was a bit discouraging going for interviews with people ‘I worked harder than’ so I thought, and they ended up taking those positions. I got frustrated at some point and wondered why bad things happen to good people. Most of the people I knew in school were looking good, even those without jobs seemed to have things figured out. I got tired of praying and fasting for jobs only to get volunteer and internship position. I thought I deserved better. After all, I have been very active in ministry. The more I prayed for myself, the more other people got those jobs. I became jealous and bitter. I wondered what was wrong with me. I doubted Jeremiah 29:13. Because God was ‘supposed to start rolling out those big plans immediately after graduation’ so I thought.

One day in after a fellowship, one church member came to me and told me how much they admired me, at first I thought it was a joke, she said she could not make it to college because she was an orphan and now she is looking for any job to do. The only thing she wanted was to go to school, she felt like a burden to the people around her. She wasn’t asking for much from God, she said ‘Just school, I want to learn.’ I also met one of the people I thought had made it, and they narrated their frustration, how things were getting worse each day. The big job had robbed them of their peace and sanity in Christ. They were frustrated. Yes the person I always wanted to be did not even want to be what they were. I felt stupid.

One thing is missing from the first paragraph. That is, ‘Thanksgiving’. I spent many months comparing myself to others and it blinded me from seeing the great blessings around me. God had miraculously provided for me and enabled me to be in school for four years, yet here I was disgruntled. I forgot about counting my blessings and started counting my problems. But after the two encounters, my life turned around, I started thanking God for the people who took care of me then, thanking God for the far I had come, and thanking God for the grace, for the daily provisions. I realized that all I had needed the Lord had provided. In fact, He had given me more than I needed.

No matter how low you are, there’s someone who wishes they were you. We often compare ourselves to people we think are above us, more successful, more beautiful, more educated, more this and more that, and forget that there are those who are lower than you. We also, with our human wisdom always think that others are happier than we are, and they have better lives. It is not always the case, there’s a lot hidden behind the filters and make up. It may be hard and tough, but you are blessed to be alive. It may be a struggle at work, but you have a job. It may be hard living with someone, but you have that someone to live with. There’s always a reason to thank God.

A grateful heart has no room for anger and jealousy. It has no room for bitterness and murmuring. God tells us in His word to rejoice always, (Philippians 4:4) Not only when things look good, but always. God wills for us to be grateful, He says, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Thess 5:18) So, today, take a closer look at yourself and thank God. It could have been worse without Him.

Dear Lord, Thank you.

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