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This morning I have been going through the ways through which God called people in the Bible. It is amazing how everyone seemed to be busy doing something else; I haven’t found anyone who was found doing nothing and was called as a prophet or disciple. They were all busy working. Here are examples…

  • David was out looking for sheep, he was not even around when Samuel came to anoint the king
  • Moses was taking care of his flock in the wilderness and God called him through a burning bush.
  • Gideon was threshing the wheat floor in a winepress and God revealed Himself, calling Him to His work.
  • Elisha was busy in the field doing his work when God called him
  • Amos was farming the sycamore fruit and looking after sheep, when God called him
  • Simon Peter and his brother Andrew were fishing when Jesus asked them to follow him

So many examples are in the Bible both in the new and old testament of people being called into ministry while they are busy with their everyday work. God still does that today; He calls busy hardworking faithful people, because His work needs hard work discipline and faithfulness. The kingdom building ministry is not for idle, lazy people, who are just waiting for anything to do. It is for people who are already growing their skills in the market place and even at home.

You don’t have to be in church to be called, you don’t have to be in a particular ministry to hear God. He will find you right where you are, busy serving your family, busy building your career with integrity and honesty, busy selling your products in the market place. God’s work is not for the lazy, it is for the hardworking and dedicated people.

Do you desire to be used of God in His service? Do you desire to know what area God has gifted you in and which ministry you should join? Then keep working hard in doing what you do. He will speak to you there. He will call you while you work. Your career background does not matter,  your faithfulness and dedication to it is what matters.


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