Gates and Doors

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Our gate is always closed; In fact when you visit I have to come and open it for you. If you cannot access me you have to explain to the guard where you are going and mention the house number. We are very careful on who comes in and what they come to do. In fact if we see you idling around the gate we immediately alert the security and call you “a suspicious person” 😂 Especially now with increased insecurity in Nairobi, we are super alert.

Let’s not talk about my doors, I have to make sure all doors are closed before going to bed, I learnt this from my dad. So that just Incase someone opens, they have to open so many of them to find me! I’m alert. If you knock on my door, I peep first to see who it is. Nothing and no one comes in without my consent.

This has made me think about the gates to my soul. My eyes, my ears and my mouth. How alert I’m I? How careful I’m I? I use this gates every minute, are they always closed by default or open by default? Do I shut out anything that looks suspicious or I let it in thinking I will fight with it while it’s inside?

What about you? What do you stare at most of the day? What do you listen to? What do you like talking about? Are you alert on what gets inside of you? Remember, nothing gets in without your consent; and the gates and doors are always at work. You are shaped by what you consume.

Tragedy is letting one good person in, then letting a hundred thieves there after. This is where we read one verse in the morning, then spend the rest of the day on toxic pages on social media and watching and listening to very ungodly content. Sometimes we don’t even peep to vet what comes in, we let it all in. That one verse drowns away: Like the seed that fell on the path and was eaten by birds, in Matthew 13. If we are intentional about what we let in, then we shall guard our gates and doors with all our hearts.

We are commanded to guard our hearts in proverbs 4:23. “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” We become what we let in through the gates and doors. We should intentionally keep them closed, not to let in any form of ungodliness, and only open them to things that bring honour to God. Trust me, this will shape how we think, what we do and who we are.

May God help us to be alert, as watchmen to our hearts and souls, to make sure our gates and doors don’t lead us to hell.

~ Selah

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