From Chaos To Order

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Have you ever had the annoying task of organizing a messy room or wardrobe; especially when someone else made the mess? Well, I have severally. especially growing up. My parents would tell me to clean up my younger brother’s messes. At times it was too much and confusing, I wouldn’t know where to begin but in the end, I always found a way out.

I look at the messes in my life, messy choices that I made that brought shame and guilt. At times I have intentionally disobeyed the voice of God and found myself in prisons, pits, and other confusing situations. If anyone asked me if there would ever be a way out, I would have said no. Life can be so chaotic that one gives up hope. Like Job, the chaos sometimes comes one after another, leaving one hopeless and frustrated. However, no matter how messy things get, we can always count on God to bring order.

The Bible begins by describing a chaotic formless situation: ‘In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.’ God then brought order in seven days through creation. In the same way, Jesus came to a chaotic world to bring order. He came to seek and save the lost, He came to save the world, He came to set the captives free, He came to bring order to the world and in our lives.

You may be going through chaos and confusion in your life right now. Believe that God is able to restore order. He gives beauty for ashes. He is able to take that mess and bring forth something beautiful out of it. Do not give up on God, He is not an author of confusion. Be reminded that He calms storms and makes a way even where there seems to be no way. Today I pray that He brings order in your life, that the storms will cease and His peace will reign.


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