Forgotten Prayers?


Have you ever prayed about something, waited for an answer, nothing came. Prayed again, waited, nothing came. Until you forgot? or until in your opinion, the season passed? Well I have. There is a time I was praying to join university, I had not qualified for it. I waited, and nothing came. In fact I was not serious with God, I was not faithful to Him. Well, as I continued praying (and sinning) I became pregnant outside wedlock, in a village. According to me, the season was over. It was time to pray for something else, something reasonable. I forgot about it.

Two years later, God answered my forgotten prayer and opened a door for me to join a university. Beyond my expectations. Beyond what my parents could afford.

I have thought about this as I read about Zechariah; Elizabeth’s husband. In Luke 1:5-25, we read about Zechariah’s encounter with an angel. He got the news that he will be a father. “Do not be afraid, Zechariah; your prayer has been heard. Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you are to call him John.” (v13) Zechariah doubted. Maybe they had prayed about a child for so long until they were not praying any more. Because their age could not allow them. Maybe he thought ‘Which Prayer?’ ‘That was a prayer we made when we had the ability to bear children!’

But God! But God! God never forgets our prayers. In our eyes, they may be stale. The circumstances and seasons may have caused us to forget the prayers we made years ago, months ago, maybe even days ago. Maybe you look at the dreams you had, and the ongoing pandemic and the words ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ scream back at you. Today I here to remind you that you may have forgotten about it and stopped praying about it, BUT GOD has heard your prayers.

The Lord is faithful. His ways are not our ways; Neither is His timing. Like he did it for Elizabeth and Zechariah, may He answer your forgotten prayer. May He make a way where it seems impossible. For His glory! Wlka confidently today knowing that ‘YOUR PRAYER HAS BEEN HEARD’


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