Finding Beauty in Your Scars

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I recently shared my chicken pox story on my Facebook page. Well not the full story but one photo told the entire story. The parts I could not show were the scars on parts of my body, well some cannot be shown and some should not be shown. I still think I prefer giving birth to triplets than having chicken pox. Every day I see the scars and they remind me of those horrible two weeks of this disease. When I contracted the disease, I first blamed my daughter for bringing it home from school. Then I blamed my mother for not making me catch it when I was a child.  But blaming did not reduce the heat and fever, I had to endure the process and thanks to God, I got healed. The scars remain but the pain is gone.

Just like me, many people if not all have scars on their bodies, brought about in different ways, some are as a result of sports injuries, others came from surgeries, others came from infections, well, the list is endless. Some scars can be seen by everyone, maybe you had a burn on your face and everywhere you go people pay attention to the scars, other scars are very private, only you can see them and others are completely unseen, those that affect our emotions, our hearts and souls. You were hurt emotionally, and no one knows about it but you, the pain left a scar in your heart. You keep hiding the scar in fear of being judged.

The fact is that some people show off their scars while others hide theirs. It all depends with what the scars remind them of. Some are confident because the scars symbolize healing and restoration, there can never be a scar without healing, scarring is a natural part of the healing process. So if your scars make you smile, it is because the pain is gone, it is because you are not where you used to be. On the other hand, if your scars make you cry, it is well, it is a process, the pain must have been unbearable, the experience might have been traumatic, maybe you feel like scratching off the scar, but that will not be of help. Don’t blame the scar for the past pain; the scar is actually on your side, not against you. Maybe you need a change of perspective, pray that God helps you see the good out of the scar, that it will remind you that you survived, you were rescued, you are healed.

Jesus would have gotten rid of the scars on his hands after resurrection. But it was part of the proof that He was alive. Thomas doubts in John 20:26, but Jesus said to him, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.” Thomas believed because of the scars. What if your scars are meant to cause someone to believe? What if you are hiding the same scars that would cause healing to someone?

Embrace your scars and use them as a source of encouragement to others. Show those inner scars and be a witness of God’s healing. Show that there is beauty in the scars; they show that the pain is gone. God heals our broken hearts for a reason, He binds up our wounds for a reason; let the scars not destruct you. May those scars be your way of reaching out to others, may those scars draw you closer to God, may those scars be a warning not to repeat the same mistakes and may they be your proof that God is the ultimate healer.

No pressure, when you are ready, show off your scars and allow God to use them. Your scar could be someone else’s turning point.


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  1. You inspire me,encourage me every morning,i have something to think about.You are the perfect example of God restores,nothing goes to waste,no prayer goes unanswered,if only we put our total Faith in God.stay blessed.

  2. Thank you for giving me a bigger picture of life.Am always inspired by your post.May God bless you abundantly

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