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Feelings are described as an emotional state or reaction. They are often changing; some days I wake up very moody and grumpy, yet spend the rest of the day jumpy and happy. For that reason, feelings cannot be trusted. The anger you have right now can be melted away into joy and peace in a few hours. The Bible warns us against making decisions based on our feelings; rather our choices should be dictated by the word of God: Which never changes.

Samson was blinded by his feelings and what was meant to be a great blessing became a great tragedy. He ignored the word of God and the voice of his parents. His feelings enticed him to trust the wrong people; he was so entangled by his feelings that he ignored and overlooked all the red flags that Delilah portrayed. (Judges 16) She even tied her up and lied that they were being attacked but Samson still trusted her because he was in love; his feelings had taken over and this led to his destruction.

In Genesis 27:22 Esau sells his birthright because of a temporary feeling of hunger. He makes a destiny changing decision because of a bowl of soup. In this case his feelings made him live for instant gratification robbing him of his spiritual blessing. What are you living for? Are you living for good feelings in the short run yet missing God’s purpose for your life. Are feelings causing you to let go of God’s promises? Causing you to sin?

Our feelings and emotions are not a reliable source to navigate this spiritual journey.  Feelings make us trust the wrong people and overlook the truth that is in God’s word. Feelings make us sacrifice the promises God has for us. People around us are always pointing out the truth, the word of God is always pointing out the truth, The Holy spirit is always prompting us towards the truth but temporary feelings divert us to the wrong direction.  Our feelings are dangerous, they cannot be trusted; they are so deceiving. We need to walk by faith and trust in the constant word of God: To focus on the promises of God even when all is dim and dark.

May the Lord help us not to live by our feelings but by the word of God.


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