Falling Forward

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You see that man or woman of God you really admire? That one who seems to be doing everything right? Yes, they are as imperfect as they come. They make mistakes just like you do, they sin, they disobey. But most of them don’t stay down, they rise again and keep moving. Actually in many cases, we, the fellow brethren, are the ones who insist on making people stay down. Think about this…

A church girl gets pregnant. When she fell into sexual sin, she was convicted and repented. But the pregnancy is here. She decides to honour God moving forward, to keep the baby and trust God for provision. She has chosen to rise up and move forward. Through the pain and consequences of sin, she daily falls on her knees seeking the Lord, finds peace in knowing that she is forgiven and God will still use this situation for her good. She finds strength in God’s word. Until she meets us, her fellow brethren…

We sometimes make people feel like they don’t deserve God’s mercy. We judge too harshly and condemn those who are trying their best to be on their feet again. May the Lord forgive us. May the Lord give us wisdom to condemn the sin but love the sinner.

No one is perfect, the Bible says that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. (Romans 3:23) The same way we accept God’s mercy when we fall, we should extend the same mercy and grace to those who fall around us. Those strong people around us are not those who don’t fall, they are those who fall and rise up again. They fall forward, asking God for help.

Do not be discouraged by the number of times you fall, it means you cannot make it on your own, you need God to lift you up as you keep walking. Do not be discouraged when people you admire fall. Be the encourager, support them back on their feet. The goal here is never to fall, the goal is to know that we are only where we are by the grace of God. So, yes you will fall, but fall forward…

‘Though a righteous man falls seven times, he will get up,…’ (Proverbs 24:16)

~ Selah

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