Faith in Action

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Real faith stands even when God says no. It is a lesson most of us have come to learn the hard way. Faith is not exercised in writing and in speaking; it is not practiced in theory. Faith is action; the Bible says ‘faith without action is dead’. So many times we are heard posting about our faith, talking about our big faith, we pray, ‘trusting and believing’ but once in the furnace of fire, we get scared and run to any other available option. We tell others about our faith, but when Jesus tells us to walk on water, we have many reasons why we cannot do it today.

Real faith is uncompromised; it does not look for opportunities to compromise sin. If like Shadrach Meshach and Abednego the choice is between fire and bowing down to another god, real faith chooses fire. Like Peter when Jesus asks us to defy nature, we take the step of faith and walk on water. Faith always chooses action, it says, ‘I have never seen this before, but I will do it any way as God commands’ it says, ‘I am believing God for a job,  but even if it doesn’t come, my faith in Him stands’ it says, ‘I will cling to the miracle working God instead of clinging on the miracle’

Have you been bragging about dead faith, that which is only known in theory? Or have you been exercising your faith in the storms of life, in the fire, in the overwhelming situations? Real faith has to be put into action. Many times we say ‘I have great faith’ but deep inside we pray that we never use it. Unbelievable! It’s like having a very nice car hidden in the garage, instead of using it, I walk around telling people how big my car is and how fast it can go even through rough roads. Well, I would still end up being rained on, walking for miles and getting tired, because I don’t believe in what I say that car can do. I have never used it. It is like dead faith; perfect description, but never in use.

Today I pray that God gives us the fireproof faith in His power and purpose for us. May our eyes be opened to realize that acting on our faith that is as small as a mustard seed is better than bragging about our huge dead faith.


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