Faith and Corona

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Let me start by declaring that because of the corona virus, I have been washing my hands more often. I have also been careful to follow other precautions that have been laid down by the experts. The most challenging thing not to do is touching my face. It is a habit I had already built and it needs at least 21 days to break. Not shaking people’s hands has also been tricky for me, because I come from a culture where greetings must be physically felt. But I keep working hard towards it. I haven’t stocked my house with a year supply of toilet paper or disinfectants because I am hopeful that soon, this too shall pass and we shall overcome. However, brethren have strangled me with several questions, including; where is your faith? Aren’t you the one who tells us to walk by faith not by sight? Why are you buying hand sanitizers and you are covered by the blood? Where is your confidence in the Lord?

Well, my faith in the Lord is still intact. I believe He is Jehovah Rapha our great physician. He sends a word and heals diseases. I believe in the Power of His might. I have confidence in the Lord and yes, I am still covered by the blood of the lamb. I walk declaring victory in the name of Jesus! Normally, when I am unwell I go to hospital by faith. I seek medical help from people whom God has endowed with the intelligence and ability to provide it. I wake up and still take showers, fully aware that I have been washed by the blood of the lamb. I go to school, to gain knowledge, fully aware that God is giving out free knowledge to everyone who fears Him. I work hard daily to earn a living, yet God tells me not to worry about what I will eat or drink. So having faith does not mean neglecting duties and responsibilities that can make me avoid disaster.

This is what I believe, God is supreme. We should trust in Him and lean not on our own understanding. Even the people listen in Hebrews as heroes of faith, still died at some point. Having faith does not mean we should sit down and do nothing. Faith comes with wisdom from God. That is why He tells us flee! Joseph would have stayed at Potiphas house by faith that she will not touch her, but instead chose to flee. That is: Taking precaution, avoiding disaster. So if precaution needs to be taken then I will. It does not mean that my faith is in sanitizers or on toilet paper. Jesus in Mark 5:34 says ‘go well, your faith has made you well’ but he did not add, ‘never seek medical attention’ Back to me, my faith is in the Lord! But if God has specifically told you to ignore all the hygienic precautions and do nothing. Please obey God’s voice.

God will bring this to an end. He is able to do that which is impossible with man. Let us continue praying and trusting Him for total healing. Take heart, do not be afraid. This too shall pass. And please, remember to wash your hands.

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