Everywhere He Went

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Everyone has a reputation: what people say about you or what you are known for. I can write a few paragraphs about my friends and family. Some are known for comedy, everywhere they go, they make people laugh. Others are known for their cooking, they come to your house and take over your kitchen, some on the other hand, are known for their pride, the air around them is different, they boast and brag about their lives and processions. We have complainers as well, they complain about everyone and everything. Then we have others who are known for prayer, even the babies in the family know it, that every time they visit, there will be prayers in the house. The fact is that everyone has a reputation. There is something people say about you whether in the open or behind your back, and chances are you created it, you modeled them to think that way.

Jesus too had a reputation here on earth, He was known for doing good everywhere He went. Crowds gathered around him because his presence was synonymous with good teachings, healing, mercy and miracles. That is why people like Zaccheaus did all they could to see him. That is why the woman with the issue of blood decided to push through crowds just to touch the hem of His garment. People knew who Jesus was and what He did because of His reputation. Most heard that there was a man who was the messiah and was able to set them free, and that propelled them to seek Him and yearn to go where He was.  In Acts 10:38, God gave the Holy Spirit and power to Jesus and He went around doing good.

We can only do good everywhere we go if we are filled with the Holy Spirit and are aware of His presence in our lives. Maybe we can start by finding out what we are known for. What do people say about you? Do they like being around you? Are they inspired and encouraged when you are around? If the answers to the questions above satisfy you, if they are in line with what God purposed for you; that’s good, now your task is making sure that your character matches your reputation. You see, Jesus was still Holy and righteous in private just as He was in front of 5000 men. He was not just teaching people about prayer, but was seen praying alone in many instances.

Now, if you do not like what you are known for, you can rewrite your story. With the power of the Holy Spirit, you are able to change what people think about you by being of a different character. Character pours out to your reputation. It may not work in seconds, it’s a process. Allow God to work within you and it will show on the outside. The new you will rub on places you go and the people you come in contact with.

Today, everywhere you go; do good, show some love, be the source of joy, make peace, be patient, be kind, be good, be gentle, be faithful and have some self-control. May the fruit of the spirit be seen in you, everywhere you go today.


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  1. This week I have been learning about character, indeed we ought to have better characters to make our world a peaceful place

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