Every Piece Counts

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I love puzzles; simple puzzles. Especially when we join pieces to create something. One thing I have observed playing this game is that no matter how ugly or shapeless a piece is, it has its place. Another important thing is that no matter how small a piece is, the puzzle will not be complete without it. With all the sizes and shapes, all pieces fit somewhere, and all of them are needed for the puzzle to be complete. At the same time, if you try understand one puzzle piece at a time, it may not make sense.

Our lives are made up of experiences and seasons that may be compared to puzzle pieces. Many times we go through storms and tragedies that may not make sense. At times we wonder what God is up to. Today I came to remind you that when all the experiences and seasons you are going through are put together, they will produce something great to the glory of God. Trying to question a tough season is like trying to understand one piece of the puzzle; it will not make sense until all pieces are brought together.

I have this confidence because of Romans 8:28 ‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’ No experience will go to waste. they are all important to make the puzzle perfectly complete. The good and the bad will all make sense one day, because God makes no mistakes.

As you look at that piece that does not make sense today, do not give up. It had to be placed in your life at such a time, it is part of your story for the glory of God. All pieces are important, all pieces count: Everything is working for your good. Once the puzzle is done, you will smile and thank God that every piece was placed where it was. May God help us all to see every piece of the puzzle through His lenses.


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