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When one uses the phrase ‘even though’ it means that a particular fact does not make the rest of the statement untrue. It has the same meaning as ‘despite the fact that’. If I was asked to construct a sentence using the above phrase, I would say, ‘Even though no one believed me, I still stood up for the truth’ It is more like doing the opposite of what normally happens when the particular fact is present, When no one believes you, the normal thing is to shut up and mind your business, but in this new normal where ‘even though’ is introduced, then the opposite happens.

 Yesterday I learnt through a movie, that ‘To be brave does not mean not being scared, it means doing/saying/believing in something EVEN THOUGH you are scared. I then started thinking of the many Bible verses that have the phrase ‘Even Though’ and how many times I had quoted them. The first one that came to my mind was Psalm 23: 4 ‘Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not fear’ David did not write ‘if I walk…’ because the fact is that we all walk through crooked paths in life, we all go through trials and temptations, the moments of fear and despair will come, but even when they come we should not be afraid because God is with us.

In the Bible, we see many ‘even though’ moments: Even though Sarah was in her old age, God still blessed her with a child. Even though Joseph was sold by his brothers, He still became second in command in Egypt. Even though David was young and small, he defeated the giant. Even though Zaccheaus was a very short, sinful man, he found a way to see Jesus and even dined with him. Even though the lady in Luke 8 had an issue of blood for twelve years, she received healing by faith. Even though Mary was a virgin, she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Even though we deserved death, God in His mercy gave His only son to die for our sins. Even though Jesus died, He rose again in the third day.

All testimonies and miracles result from ‘even though’ moments. Do not look at your situation and get discouraged, do not succumb to the pressure and give up, do not throw away your confidence because of what you can see around you. Instead, declare by faith that even though you see death, you shall speak life. Even though you see fear, you shall speak faith. Even though you see lack, you shall see provision. Even though you see sicknesses you shall receive healing. Even though you see worry, you shall declare peace. Even though 2020 is not turning out the way we thought, God is still on the throne. Even though at your age you are not yet married, you shall declare the goodness of the Lord. Even though children have not yet come forth in your marriage, you shall declare fruitfulness. Whatever the situation is, may you find the strength and courage to declare and believe that the fact does not make God untrue, it does not make Him weak, It does not mean He is absent. That situation will turn into a miracle for the Glory of God.

Even though things look bad right now, God is good all the time.


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    1. Even though I read it a day later, it is still nourishing and new. I see it speaking directly to my soul. Thank you!??

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