E for Effort

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Yesterday I woke up very early and started preparing for church; it was freezing cold and drizzling. Against all odds, my family was ready on time and we got there in good time. But it was still raining, since we fellowship under a tent, we kept moving from the rain and cold wind. All this while we sang and danced for the Lord. One of the leaders lauded us for making it to church despite the crazy weather. I agreed, we had done it! So many went back to bed and were watching online under their cozy blankets, but not us, my children and I were present, we deserved an award, we scored an A!

After the sermon and it was time to go home, I went through my notes and it was evident, I cannot get an A because I showed up in church amidst the cold and rain. That might actually just give me an E, for effort. In His word, God is clear that to obey is better than any sacrifice, I wanted to be rewarded and lauded for sacrifice, yet true rewards come from obeying God’s word. Don’t get me wrong, making it to church is a big deal, its a big sacrifice for many, its a great thing! But putting into practice what you have been taught in church is the better thing. Obeying God’s word and being transformed by it is the bigger deal, that’s what brings forth the A! That’s what makes us good and faithful servants, to be told ‘well done!

You might spend all the hours in church feeling good and superior for making it, and forget what took you there. So, its not about just making it, its about why you made it.

Scoring and E is not that bad, at least you tried, there is some effort. But we shouldn’t settle for an E, we shouldn’t be so proud that we sat for the exams and forget that performing well in the exam is a bigger deal. Many times we make sacrifices and feel entitled to the blessings of God. Because I went to church in the rain, God must do things my way, if He doesn’t, I will remind Him how I went to church in the rain yet many others were sleeping! We forget that what took us to church was to hear God’s word, and there should be an evidence of transformation in our lifestyles. We should aim for the A, I did not only make it to church but I paid attention to God’s word and now I am living it.

Thank you for your effort, you did well, you have sacrificed a lot. Now obey. Now act like someone who goes to church, act like someone who knows God’s word. That’s what pleases God. When he sees us hearing His word, believing it and acting on it. So, yes you got an E for effort, keep putting in more effort, its needed, but don’t settle there, aim higher, aim at growth, aim at obedience.

Yes you bought a new Bible, yes you are always the first one in church, yes you make sure all the church benches are clean, yes you have gifted the pastor severally, yes you are known by everyone in church, yes you take all your neighbours children to church. Good! Thank you for the sacrifice. But is the fruit of the spirit evidence in your life? Don’t settle at the effort stage. Move to the obedience stage.

Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams” (1 Sam. 15:22)


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