Don’t Hesitate

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I wake up many days wishing that some company calls me with some good news that I am the winner of some billions of shillings, on promotions I know nothing about. I have dreamt of winning houses, cars, trips abroad. You name it. I have even wished some betting companies confused numbers and awarded me. Yet I preach against betting. When it comes to receiving, or being given gifts and awards, I have no issue at all. Especially when I am so much in need. Come to think of it, most of the times I have wished for that ‘you are our lucky winner’ call, I have been so broke. The days I wish a random person I have not spoken to for ten years just sends me money saying ;’God has directed me’ Who wouldn’t want that? Who would say no to a stranger who comes with car keys, then says ‘God has told me you need this car’ wow! Right?

Now let’s place ourselves in the giver’s side. I have never woken up and randomly sent a stranger money because God has told me. If God tells me to give out my phone to someone who needs it more, I am not sure I will. There will be a lot of hesitation. If I send money to a wrong number, I always ask and pray that they send it back. I give, but it doesn’t always come with the joy that comes when receiving. What about you? Have you ever wished you got a big surprise with all the things that are supposed to be added unto us when we seek God and His righteousness? Between receiving a gift you did not expect and giving a gift to someone who did not expect which one do you look forward to?

If we gave every time the Holy Spirit prompted us, the world would have a little bit more joy. But we tend to hesitate a lot. So, God, if I give out my house? Will you give me something bigger? Will you give it to me almost immediately? I cannot just give because you have prompted me. You need to explain further. But when we are receiving, we are okay with no explanation at all. Well, we hesitate because we doubt, we do not believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35) One thing that marriage has taught me is that giving is for me. If I only want to receive, then I will be miserable. I get more by giving without hesitation.

Is there anything God wants you to give? It does not have to be material? Maybe God is telling you to call someone and encourage them. Maybe you are being prompted to pray for someone. Maybe you need to go and visit them. Maybe they need to know someone cares. There’s a reason some people share personal information on social media, maybe the message is supposed to get to you, so that you slide in those DMs with encouragement. Be there for someone today. Do not hesitate. Give and it shall be given back to you in equal measure, One time you will be the one desiring the encouragement from a stranger. It shall be given to you in the measure you give others.


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