Don’t Force It

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Whoever said ‘if you love something, let it go. If it was really meant to be it will come back to you’ did not consider me; A go getter! I believe in making things happen even when I have to go some extra miles. I believe in knocking doors and if they don’t open I get an axe and split them open. I believe in expressing my opinion and if people don’t support, I express it again until people reason like I do. I believe in doing all it takes it make a man fall in love with me: Including grabbing a man who is not a believer and forcing God to make him ‘the one’. I believe I must make things happen my way or the highway.

That first paragraph describes me a few years ago. I got tired, that’s exactly that forcing things in life will make you: Tired. Disappointed and frustrated. Things will not always go your way. At the market place, some ideas will be better than yours. Stop forcing it. In relationships, there’s nothing you can do to make someone fall in love with you, the only option they have is to fall in love with who you are. Stop forcing it. In ministry, God doesn’t only speak to you; you are not the only one who was called by God. Don’t force it. Your idea wasn’t implemented in the project, it’s okay; someone else’s idea can work too. I got my peace when I relaxed, stopped forcing things and instead I began ‘faithing’ them. Believe you me, I have seen doors open without me using an axe, I have experienced so much love, without having to wash anybody’s house. I have advanced in my career without having to visit anyone’s office with lips full of praises for them.

“When God is in it, it flows. When the flesh is in it, it’s forced.” Joyce Meyer

It is time to ask ourselves a few questions: Are we walking by faith or by sight? Is God leading us or are we led by our flesh? Is it by might or power or is it by the spirit of God? That lady you are forcing into your life, aren’t you tired enough? That man you have been doing everything for, hoping that they will marry you someday, aren’t you disappointed enough? That corrupt deal you are trying to push yourself through, is it a blessing from the Lord? Those meetings you are having with the bosses, tainting other people’s names so that you are considered for the position, aren’t you frustrated enough? What is it that you have been forcing? Identify it and let it go. Apparently the ‘if you love something, let it go. If it was really meant to be it will come back to you’ quote, makes some spiritual sense, only that we should avoid taking it, then releasing it and then spend the rest of our lives hoping for it to come back. Instead, we should not even move near it if God has not told us to. It will save us all the trouble.

Let go. Be excellent in all your work, be diligent and of great integrity: But don’t force it. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. Trust that He is more than able by His Spirit to do His good and perfect will in your life in His timing. Have faith that God has good plans for you: Plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future. Believe that God will not withhold anything good from you, because you trust Him. Trust that God’s guidance is perfect even when you don’t see the destination yet. Remember, without faith, it is impossible to please God. It is not your wisdom, your ideas, your skills, your human strength nor your status. It is by power and the Spirit of the Lord Almighty.

May the Lord help us all: Not to force it, but to faith it,


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  1. May the Lord help me not to force things any more.
    I appreciate the great work that God is doing through you.

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