Don’t Even Go There!

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If you secretly place cameras around my house and leave me alone, you will confirm that I am a crazy lady. The good crazy type. Lately I have been trying my best to be as practical as possible with the word of God. That has caused me to think out loud especially when alone. Like the prodigal son, I have been planning and imagining things, and coming up with conversations in my head. Between me and God: Most of the time I narrate my situations and He replies with His word. Please if you have met me or if you know my voice, try to imagine me in the kitchen doing my dishes and playing both my role and God’s. Of course, be extra and dramatically as possible.

Yesterday, God and I were having such a conversation. I took it too far by painting the worst situation of a situation I am facing. I am hopefully waiting upon the Lord for breakthrough: But I found myself wandering away in doubt and worry. What if God doesn’t show up and things become worse? What if things go the opposite way and I’m left facing this mountain for one more year? It got very serious I was almost crying; then I remembered I am also supposed to play God. I couldn’t think of anything else other than, ‘Rawder, dont even go there! You are making the waiting worse for yourself.’ That, ladies and gentlemen is how I came back to reality. The reality that is in the Truth in God’s word. That there is nothing of value that I add to my life by worrying.

Let’s reflect on the rhetorical question in Matthew 6:28, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” God assures us that He knows what we need and He will take care of us the same way he takes care of the birds in the air. In Philippians 4:6-7 we are also instructed not to be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving we should let our requests be made known to God. Worry is therefore sinful, it’s disobeying God, it’s not fully trusting that God has a plan.

Truth be told, many times we worry; especially when there is no sign of the breakthrough we are expecting. When it seems to be taking long, when God seems to be silent. It is in such seasons that we need to remind ourselves that we are harming ourselves. Lets not allow ourselves to build the mountain of worry too high, immediately worry crops in, take up God’s role and audibly stop yourself with the words, ‘don’t even go there!’ Then back it up with God’s assuring word. God’s truth. Today, find peace in knowing that God is at work in your life, He is working things out for your good.


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  1. Thank you Rawder for this reminder. I have been the worrying and overthinking type whilst the word of God is so clear, He tells us not to worry, neither is He man to lie. He makes things beautiful in His own time. We only need to wait on Him and above all, trust Him, He is faithful and honours His word.
    May God continue blessing you for you are a blessing to us.

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