Don’t Edit God Out

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Yesterday I watched a few interviews online, reminding myself of a few interviewing skills before I embark on a new project. Took a few notes here and there then started watching random interviews of local gospel artists. I was a bit disappointed in some, and very disappointed in others. Well, all of them talk about how they started form nothing, and grew step by step, they talk about the hard times, when they were just starting off, and how they got support from the media, how fans came along. Great content there about the dynamics of the music industry, they sing a few choruses of their hit songs and make the interview so entertaining. Then the host asks for a final word, and most of them talk to the fans, something like ‘I just want my fans to know that I appreciate them, something good is cooking just for my fans, continue following me on social media…’ then the interview ends. Where is God in your story? Well, you know Rawder, the media house only gave me ten minutes and I did not have enough time. Wow! So God was edited because of time?

Well, not all of them edited God out, but most of them did. Some only talk about God in Christian media houses, when they move to the other media houses, even the jokes are different. You started from nothing, you made prayers to God, made promises of the things you would do if God lifted you. God made a way and gave you a name, now your social media followers have grown from one hundred to one million, then because of time, you edited God out, you only had time to talk about your new song, and of course you had to be fun to spice up the interview. Once upon a time all your eyes were on Jesus, now He has lifted you, all the eyes are on you and the only thing you can talk about is yourself, your wisdom, your producers and fans. Sounds sad, but this is not just for celebrities.  

How many times do we get on greater heights, and immediately forget God. We pray for jobs, promotions and opportunities. God in His faithfulness hears our prayers and grants us exceedingly abundantly above all we prayed for. We are called to speak at conferences, all suited up and looking elegant, we have time to praise our families for support, our bosses for believing in us, our institutions for the good education, but because of time, and maybe the environment, we edit God out.

Maybe you are reading this feeling self-righteous, wondering how people can do that to God. Well, anytime you are with a cute lady and you are just about to have dinner, and because you don’t want to annoy her, you edit out prayer, you have edited God out. How many times have you left your Bible at home, because of what your friends will think if you show up with a Bible in the retreat? How many times have you been ashamed to pray for someone in public? How many times have you been ashamed to speak out against blasphemous statements thrown around in your circles, in those whatsapp groups? We edit God out in many ways, in our day to day activities. We take His glory, we make our achievements about us, we start worshiping His blessings and forget Him. May God forgive us.

As you live your life, as you share your story, as you write your book. Do not edit God out. Remember God says ‘Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.’ (Luke 9:26)


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  1. May God forgive me for many a times I myself av edited God out at different occasions.. Thanks for sharing

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