Don’t call me Mara!

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Another difficult conversation happened last night. Between an online friend and I. She was fed up with this ‘waiting on God thing’ In her words, ‘God keeps disappointing me!’ It was a very intense conversation, but I decided to do things differently. Normally, I am an encourager, trying to convince people why they need to keep waiting on God, and giving my own personal testimonies to make someone hold on. But last night I decided to agree with my friend. I also gave examples of areas where God has disappointed me, and also told her how God is taking His sweet time to answer me. How I cry at times because I feel God has favourites, and how I pray for others and see miracles happening, but I don’t see the same for me.

She was in shock! But I went won and told her how I was very sick last week, I couldn’t even cook for my son. How 80% of the things I hoped to achieve this year haven’t come to pass and we have one month left. She had to stop me, ‘But Rawder you are always happy, you are always encouraging people!’ and I told her ‘yes! because I choose not to be Mara!’ I choose to find peace in knowing that God knows what He is doing, and no situation is permanent. Just because I have a few challenges does not mean that God is no longer able to move mountains. He is still God! So yes, I cry, then wipe my tears and praise Him. We concluded the conversation with so much joy after prayer, and agreed that everyone is going through something, everyone is waiting on God, no one has it all, no one gets instant miracles every time they pray. Through it all, we have no other option than to trust in Jesus.

In the book of Ruth, Naomi wants to change her name to Mara because she had gone through so much pain. “Do not call me Naomi,” she replied. “Call me Mara, because the Almighty has dealt quite bitterly with me. I went away full, but the LORD has brought me back empty. Why call me Naomi? After all, the LORD has testified against me, and the Almighty has afflicted me.” (Ruth 1:20-21) She wanted to move from being identified as a pleasant woman, to be identified as a bitter woman. But as we keep reading the book of Ruth we know that the Lord restored her joy through Ruth.

The truth is, no matter how badly off things are; there is a reason to be grateful. You are alive and able to read this. Praise God! Yes, you are waiting for God to open that door, but don’t forget that He has opened so many doors before and so many other blessings surround you.

Do not let the painful situation, that discouraging report, that unsuccessful meeting cause you to change your name. You are still pleasant because God is still God. You are not Mara, refuse to change your name because of a temporary situation. Declare today that you will keep on being pleasant, God never disappoints, His promises are true and He has the final say. Your joy shall be restored. You shall not be called Mara!


5 thoughts on “Don’t call me Mara!

  1. Thank you Rawder for sharing
    Am so much encouraged this morning…don’t call Mary “Mara” At God’s appointed time everything will work out.
    Barikiwa sana

  2. This has made me shed a tear! I almost called me, Mara. I have a situation, but I will continue holding on, until God restores me. Thank you Rawder Kidula Kedaha, you never know who you touch even as you write

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