Do Whatever He Tells You

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When I was delivering my baby years ago, I went to the labour room with one instruction; ‘Do whatever the doctor tells you to do.’ The reason was very simple, the doctor is an expert and he knows what he is doing. If he tells you to push and you don’t, you might lose your child, if he tells you not to push and you go ahead and push, something terrible might happen as well. So no matter what I felt like doing, I tried my best to listen to the doctor. He also could see what I cannot see, of course in my position, I could not see where and how the baby was coming out, but I had to trust those who could see and keenly follow their instruction. If I tried doing things my way, the baby could have dropped in the toilet. Oh yes, I was barred from going to the toilet a few minutes before the water broke. Doing what the doctor instructed me to do, made things easier for me.

During the wedding in Cana, Mary the mother of Jesus told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them to do. This is after the wine was over and they were all wondering what to do next. That’s when Jesus performed his first miracle, changing whatever into wine. What if the servants hesitated, saying they don’t know Jesus as a wine supplier in Cana? What if they ignored His instruction because it looked weird? Well, thank God they did exactly what Jesus told them to do; the power of God was revealed through their obedience. It was evident that the word of God performs.

We are also told in Genesis that Noah did exactly what God told him to do. (Genesis 6:22) He was given very specific instructions and He followed them precisely. Amidst the noise and ridicule, he was able to accomplish what God instructed Him to. God still speaks to us right now. Anyone who pays attentions hears Him and He gives instruction to those that seek Him. Do you hear Him? If yes, the do whatever He tells you to do. No matter how ridiculous it seems. On the other hand, if you can’t hear Him, move closer, you can’t hear the doctor while you are at the gate, you have to find your way to the labour room, once you are close enough, the instructions will be clearer.

God’s method of solving things may not be common to us. We may be asking for money to buy wine yet He wants to change water into wine. We may be asking Him to take us out of the desert yet He wants to create streams in the desert. He knows things we do not know, He sees things we cannot see, because of His position as the alpha and omega. So when He says push, don’t hesitate, when He says breathe in and out, please do it, it is for your own good. Don’t delay, don’t question, don’t hesitate, just do it! Our work is not to tell God exactly what to do but to do exactly what He tells us to do. It may be hard and difficult, but with our eyes and trust in Him it is possible.

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