Do Not Be Deceived.

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We have already established that the devil is a liar; no one who believes in him comes out safe. But we still find ourselves falling into his traps and snares. The devil is cunning and even comes disguised in the truth.  1 Peter 5:8 warns us to be, “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” Every child of God needs to be alert, in the full armor of God so as not to be caught off guard.

Today I would like to focus on one lie that the devil is using to make us stagnate spiritually. When you have a close friend and for one reason or another you end up not talking to each other for a while. Or maybe one of you does something wrong, causing silence and tension. In such a case, the big lie would be, ‘the relationship cannot be restored’: Especially when the silence stretches over months into years. You might even start believing that they don’t want to see you ever again.

When our relationship with God goes sour, we are to blame. God never lies, He never changes and He never misleads us. We cannot blame Him for anything. So when things go bad, it is probably because of something we have done or failed to do. Sometimes when we sin, we move away and start believing in a lie that God does not want to see or talk to us again. The truth is even when you ignore God, He is watching you ignore Him, when we move away, He sees you moving. Even if it has been a while, God still wants to hear from you. He still cares and loves you unconditionally.

Maybe you have been afraid to go back, because of what you have done and how long it has been. Do not hesitate; God is waiting for you with His arms wide open. He loves you unconditionally; nothing can make Him love you less. Nothing can make Him hate you, not even sin. Today, like the prodigal son, go back to your father, you might be expecting the worst, but God is a good father. Do not believe in the lie that your relationship cannot be restored, do not be deceived. God loves you. Move back to Him, He has not forgotten about you. You may have walked away, but God never did.


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