Do It Yourself


One of the fantasies I had as a child has to do with the life of a princess. Not that I have ever stepped in any palace, but because I watched cartoons and movies that portrayed princesses as beautiful girls who sat pretty while servants did everything for them. I remember thinking, when I grow up I will make a lot of many and have people do everything for me. (Oh, I miss that little girl)

I grew up, as you can see: And life taught me that having servants brushing my teeth is a bit harder than I thought. So I learnt to do things myself. At times its cruel, I have wanted more support, wanted more help, wanted more people around, but it dint happen. I know there are people who have almost everything done for them. It is well. Other times I have loved doing things myself, some are actually enjoyable. I even watch many DIY videos to save money and explore with what is available around me.

Well, today I have been reflecting on my relationship with God, and thought, would it be nice to have 1000 people praying for me every minute, reading the Bible for me, serving in ministries on my behalf, giving for me, as I sleep and do other ‘important things’ Honestly sometimes its hard obeying God, and I wish someone would do it for me. But it doesn’t work that way. After all, I wouldn’t want my blessing split to 1000!

The reality is, no one can worship God for me. No one can worship God for you. People can walk with you, encourage you, pray for you, read the Bible with you, But it is important for you to DO IT YOURSELF. Spiritual growth is one very personal responsibility. We need each other, we should hold each other, BUT we will not walk into heaven as a group. Everyone will be accountable INDIVIDUALLY.

So as we start this new year 2020. I will still be here for you, to pray with you and encourage you. To listen to you and walk with you. But I will not be Here always. That pastor may travel. That spiritual leader may be busy, that mum may change, that dad may be talking to other sons. My friend, learn to pray, learn to read the Word, learn to give, learn to encourage yourself, start now. Worship God, For you. You are actually not alone, The Holy Spirit our Helper will guide you. He will give you strength. Do it! There are times people will be there for you, there are times you will need to reach out, but let it not be ALL the time,

It may sound rude: But learn DO IT YOURSELF. You are already empowered.


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