Different Ways to Cook Eggs

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I love fried eggs; that’s one of the things I learnt to cook while still very young. My mother also made boiled eggs, especially when we had family gatherings. For a very long time I only know two ways of making eggs: Then I learnt about scrambled, poached, baked and basted eggs, which also have many styles and different ingredients. There are more ways than I know; I may not even have listed your favourite. When we only know one method of making eggs, we may be depressed when one ingredient is missing, not knowing that we can still make something with only water and salt.

Sometimes as Christians we behave like young Rawder who only knew fried and boiled eggs, who couldn’t imagine there are other ways to cook eggs. We have our own one way in mind and when it doesn’t work we fall into depression, limiting God whose ways are not ours. Maybe we believe that the only way to go to school is through getting school fees from that rich uncle, so when that uncle says no, we give up. Or the only way to meet a future spouse is through the ministry you serve in, so when God brings a colleague your way, you shut the door, because things ‘must’ go your way.

If Joseph limited God he would have given up when he was sold as a slave. If he thought the only way to be great was through a particular path, then he might not have made it. But through thick and thin he trusted God and held on to his dream. Even when it seemed dark and hopeless, he remained faithful and after the painful journey, he became second in command in Egypt. If you are reading this from a pit or prison, be encouraged that all things are working together for your good. God has not forgotten the promises He made to you.

Your dream may be growing dim, maybe your ‘only options’ are depleted, you are wondering how else you will sail through. Today I came to remind you that there are more ways of cooking eggs than you know. God has a million other ways of answering your prayer. Your work is not to tell Him how, your work is to trust in Him, that whichever ways He uses, His promise still stands. So, arise, and stay hopeful, God does not run out of ideas, He does not even need ingredients to make the egg, He fed over five thousand men with two fish and three loaves, trust the unlimited miracle working God. Don’t depend on your methods, depend on God who is never short of methods.


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