Did God Really Say…

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I miss those days when a teacher would give an instruction to our class and because no one was paying attention, we would start debating five minutes later on what he really said. One would say, ‘I think he said we should read the passage and answer the questions.’ Another would say ‘No, he said we should read the passage and we would answer the questions during the next lesson’ this would go on and on until even those who are known to be very attentive would get confused. In fear of doing the wrong thing, we would send one person to go and clarify, mostly the top student in the subject. Tragedy was when the teacher would not be found anywhere and its Friday, the work is due on Monday and no one will clarify for us. On such occasions, everyone did what they thought they heard.

The first question in the Bible was a question from the Devil. A question of doubt that was challenging an instruction given by God. Genesis 3:1 “Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?” Eve knew very well what the Lord had said, but her knowledge quite possibly was second hand since she was created after God made the command to Adam to avoid the tree of knowledge. So the serpent was looking for holes in her knowledge. Eve eventually gives in, eats the fruit and gives to Adam who was with her. Satan was going on with his work, to kill steal and destroy. He still does.

He makes us doubt God’s word daily. He comes with a similar question. Did God really say we must go to church? Did God really say you should not have sex outside marriage? Did God really say we must tithe? Does hell really exist? Well, different questions work for different people, remember each one of us is tempted according to our own evil desires. The devil makes us believe in half-truth, we twist the truth until it works for both God and our flesh. Before we know it, we have sinned and it’s now coming to us so clear that we are naked. Did God really say you can come to Him anytime? Did He really say He will always forgive you? Did He really say He knows everything? Those are questions from the devil that make us doubt who God is, what He can do and what He instructed us to do.

Our only way out is to first read God’s word to know what He really says. We should not depend on third parties yet we can read exactly what God says in His word. Then any time we are faced with doubt, we should go back and confirm, not from friends, not from family, not from colleagues, but from His word. Eve did not have a Bible, yet we point fingers at her saying, ‘how could you be lured so easily? We have Bibles yet we are lured every second. Do not allow the devil to make you believe in what you think God said, but to believe in what God really said. It is found in His word. What part of God’s word does Satan have you questioning? It’s time to stand for the truth that is written.

May God help us all.


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