Desperate Times

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I always thought people with toothaches exaggerated the pain. I mean how bad can it be? I had several instances where my tooth pained because of a cavity but it was not reason not to go to work, it was not a reason not to get out of bed. So anytime someone said they couldn’t even stand because of a toothache I thought it was fake: Until a few years ago, when I got a real toothache. It was a nightmare. I literally cried, I couldn’t even speak, I couldn’t eat, my gums were swollen and the pain rendered me useless. All I wanted was a dentist. Someone advised me to put some salt in my mouth. Well, any advice would do, so I went ahead and licked some salt. That was the beginning of another level of excruciating pain, I had made things worse. I found a way out of the house straight to a dentist. Any yes, I did not go to work for three days.

Every time I see someone walking around laughing and eating yet they claim to have a toothache, I tell them to relax, because when they get a real toothache they will know. They will be desperate for a dentist. They will do all it takes to ease the pain, and they will definitely won’t want to eat anything. In short, when one has a toothache, you will know because they will not even use many words to explain, only action. Even those who are scared of hospitals run there, those who are scared of injections go for them; those who cannot stand tablets take them, because desperate times call for desperate measures.

A story is told of four men who brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus. Since Jesus was surrounded by a huge crowd and they could not get to him, they decided to make an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was lying on. (Mark 2) They desperately needed help, they knew that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be so close to Jesus. They desired healing for their friend. That is why the crowds did not discourage them, that is why the hustle of digging through a roof and lowering a man did not discourage them. They went ahead and did it, because they were desperate for healing.

If your desire to be more like Jesus was a toothache, or leprosy, how bad would it be? I mean, how bad is it? Are you so desperate for healing that you would forsake everything else until you touch the hem of Jesus’ garment? Are you desperate for His mercy that you are not bothered by crowds; all you want is to see Jesus? Is the condition serious enough for you to fast and pray, for you to spend more time seeking His wisdom in His word? Or are you still claiming to have a toothache yet it’s just some little pain. Not enough to make you cancel all appointments and run to hospital. Its like telling people how you really desire to be close to Jesus, yet you are too busy to pray. Well, you are not desperate enough.

When it comes to the matters of God, we should be desperate for Him, for His move, For His word, for His favour, for His power, for all of Him. The only way we know we are desperate for Him, is when we take desperate measures.

Lord, make us desperate for you.


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