Delivery Room Lessons

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The most physical pains women talk about are labour pains. I love listening to ladies sharing their labour ward experiences, the drama that comes along with the pain. The first time my mother shared her experience with me, I wondered why she still got pregnant again, and again, and again; why did she have four more children after the first awful experience. She said that once a mother sees her child, the pain is forgotten. In other words, the beautiful results of pain overshadow the pain itself. In the same way, Jesus went through so much pain to set us free, He was pierced, wounded and crushed for our sake. The results make the pain worthy.

Lesson 1: Sometimes, precious things come through pain.

For me one thing I was told before going to the delivery room was to do exactly what the doctor says. Don’t push before time, and when instructed to push, do it with all your heart. I was to cooperate with the doctor, follow his instruction on timing and action. I did my best; I was scared of making any mistake that would endanger my child. As much as it was painful, I had to pay attention to the doctor. In the same way, when we go through pain, we need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. There is purpose in pain, and we can only know it if we pay attention. God speaks in pain and He speaks through pain. Job went through a lot of pain, and He only passed the test because He was in tune with God, He believed that His redeemer was alive.

Lesson 2: To see the results of the pain, we should adhere to the Holy Spirit’s instructions

Being a mother, I quickly learnt responsibility. I learnt to feed, clean and take care of my baby and myself at the same time. I learnt priority and appreciated my parents more for taking care of the five of us. The process of pregnancy and experience in the delivery room made me appreciate life more. It was not the best experience for me, especially at my age, it drained me in all aspects. But I came out better. David says in Psalm 119:67 ‘Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.’ Pain opened his eyes and made him a better person.

Lesson 3: Pain can make you better

Are you going through any kind of pain today? Pain is not your enemy; it shall bear precious fruit that will make you thank God for the experience. God is speaking through the pain, keep your spiritual antennas up, this experience is meant to make you a better person. May God’s sufficient grace be upon you.


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