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In media school, one of the key factors that determine how your story will look like, is the target audience, We had a whole lesson on how to define our audience. For example, if you are creating a children’s program, the layout and content would be very different from an adult program. The main aim of defining the audience is so that in everything you do, you capture your audience’s attention. If adults choose to watch a children’s TV program, then they become the secondary audience.

In life, I have also learnt to define my audience: I ask myself ‘Who am I living to please? There are times I have lived to please my parents, my teachers, my bosses, my pastors, my husband and even my daughter. It was tiring, because it is very hard to please a human being, it is also impossible to please everyone.

As children of God, our audience is already defined. We are to do everything to please God. ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,’ Colossians 3:23 Our ‘audience of one’ sees not only our outward appearances, but also sees our hearts and knows our motives. He expects us to work diligently, excellently and faithfully for His glory. When our primary target is pleased, then the people around us are also pleased, it spills over to the secondary target. Many times rather, we work hard to please the secondary target, who is a beneficiary of our ways pleasing our primary target.

When you wake up each morning, who is your audience? Everyone has defined their audience knowingly and unknowingly. It is the person whose attention you yearn to capture, the one you want to be close to, the one you do everything they like because you adore them. As you serve, as you give, as you sing, as you go to church, who do you want to please? In your career, with your talents and gifts, in that specific community you are placed in, who is your target audience?

You don’t have to answer; your actions, speech and thoughts define who your audience is. My prayer is that we live lives focused to please God; our target audience.


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  1. Redifining my focus my primary focus, life mundane often puts us on discourse knowingly or unknowingly!
    Thanks Rawder for the reminder of whom deserves our attention

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