Dear Married Woman,


I am tired of listening to you. I have been your audience for a long time, I officially quit! If you have nothing positive to say about your husband, then don’t come near me. On Monday you said he is a useless goat who cannot do anything, on Tuesday you said he is the worst decision you ever made, on Wednesday you were complaining of how he doesn’t help you with the kids or in the kitchen. Yesterday you called him names in my presence, exposed your bedroom drama, gave me a whole list of what he is not: It got me thinking, by listening to you, I am encouraging you and discouraging me. So I am out.

Please stop this false advertising of marriage, yes I hear there are ups and downs in there, but you are pregnant!! How did you get impregnated by a useless goat? I know there are things going right in there. If it is so bad, then seek help. Discouraging single women will not fix your marriage. Telling everyone about your husbands weaknesses wont fix him. The other day you said ‘I see women staring at my husband, wish they knew how useless he is’ well, I think we already know. You have already poisoned the world about him and we are not staring because we want him, we are pitying him for marrying you. You are failing him, your mouth is failing your marriage. You are supposed to be helping him. Your mouth is supposed to bless your marriage.

You showed me your wedding video, you were full of regret and anger. But I saw how happy you were on that day, you made those vows with a smile. Well, I hear sometimes things happen and people change, it is okay. If things turned out badly, talk to someone who can help. I don’t think I am that someone. All I do is wonder how you can sleep on the same bed with someone and then spend the whole day abusing them. Who is the goat here? Who is the pig here? What makes you a better spouse? Maybe you are thinking, ‘Rawder, you don’t know, wait until you get married.’ Well, you are right, I don’t know, maybe you prefer the rest who sit around and cheer you on as you talk ill of your husband. If they seem to ‘know’ and ‘understand’ let them cheer you on. You should hear how they talk about you behind your back, and I pray you notice how quite they are about their own men.

I desire to get married soon, I desire to be loyal to my man, to hide his nakedness and to respect our union. My desire will not be met if I keep listening to you. Single ladies are looking for role models, wives of noble characters. We are yearning to hang around happy wives, the ones that love being married. Not perfect ones, but positive ones. So please, stop interrupting our minds. We want to get there knowing that marriage works. As you share your experiences, don’t portray marriage as a prison, because we know its God’s idea. I doubt that God created woman to imprison man.

Sometimes single people give good marriage advice. Yes, sometimes. And this one has a good one today, ‘your husband will continue becoming what you call him.’

From single lady.

13 thoughts on “Dear Married Woman,

  1. It is called hit the nail on the head. The Lord grant you your heart desires girl. Waiting and praying. Good stuff.

  2. I looove!this am married and I love this!!all single ladies need to read this, don’t let anyone discourage you by her words,marriage is good!am in it for life

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