Dear Married Man,



Dear married man,

Is it just me, or are we cheating on our wife? I know we haven’t had sex, we haven’t even kissed, we don’t even hug often, but you are cheating on your wife, and I have been helping you do so, this is just to inform you that I am tired.

I like your compliments, but don’t you think every morning is too much. Shouldn’t that be reserved for your wife? Sometimes I am not even dressed to kill, but you will find some reason to appreciate my looks, you have something to say about my eyes, nose, lips, hair, legs, funny enough, you are the only one who thinks my dental formula is beautiful. Where do you find time to go through my teeth?

I started feeling this way from the moment we started being friends and you asked ‘ where were you before I got married?’ and added, ‘ I wish I saw you when I was single’.  I don’t think you would tell me the same in her presence, that’s why I know it’s cheating. You even tell me how easy it is for you to fall for me.

You offer to pick me up in the morning, and call to find out if I have eaten. Sometimes you are even willing to pay my rent. Remember when you insisted to take me for coffee in the name of ‘the Lord gave you a dream?’  I have been telling myself that you are just a good Christian, a good friend, but when I think of your wife, and how she might react knowing how you are good you are to me, and why you have never introduced me to her.

Circumstances have brought us together, and we have a lot to talk about, please keep your wife’s weaknesses away from me, I have weaknesses too and just because you do not know them does not make me better than her. When you tell me how moody she is, how she has changed and how you like my body shape, it is cheating.

I know I love praying for people, but some of your prayer requests are too personal for a single lady to even know. Does our wife know that I have been praying for your sex life for the past three months? Does she know that some beautiful single lady is aware that you haven’t had sex in a year? I don’t think so, you are cheating!

I know for a fact, that in her presence, you cannot stare at me that way. You cannot touch my shoulder. In her presence you cannot call me those sweet names, ‘dear, sweetheart, lovely, beautiful, queen, e.t.c’ So I won’t let you call me that in her absence. Honestly, I like those names, I like being complemented and appreciated, but if it is cheating, then I am out. Address me as ‘Miss. Rawder.’

God has put you two together; I don’t want to keep you apart. I won’t allow you to cheat on your wife through me. I have failed myself for so long. Instead of focusing on my life I have been giving you attention. My time is up. I wouldn’t like a single woman to give my husband so much attention and entertain him. So I won’t sow that seed. I won’t be a reason for another woman’s tears. Bye,

From single lady, tired of playing as a cheat mate.

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    1. There is a man who once told me that, When Holy Spirit comes on you, you can not act against it, and its this notion that we get empowered and get guts to stand firm against the schemes of the devil that offers incentives to sin against our own bodies, defy our faith and break our dear families, its not all about feelings but God. Another man confessed that once you get married to one wife, other beautiful girls show up, these are spirits that can only be thwarted by the Spirit of God.

  1. Wooow this is great am so very proud of you Gal.. GOD is taking you to places dr… Plz allow me share this….

  2. Wow that’s crazy, I wish all single ladies would stand their grounds with this married men… Every woman is a rib to a special man somewhere… Patience!

  3. Beutiful article, resist the devil and he will flee from you, truth that sets free..In total agreement with you Rawdah.

  4. This is true Rawder… if all women said NO. Then i believe there would be no any affairs. You are on point

  5. thank u Rawder. and it should also apply to marrried women,boyfreinds, and girlfriends too. appreciate your partners, you chose them.

  6. so profound..happens to us single ladies so often….fleeing is what we do. i love your pieces Rawder…am built each time i read them. God bless you girl

  7. Spoken like a woman of God. It’s the sad allure of ‘what could have been’ and it’s a deadly trap. Thank you for listening to Jesus. You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

  8. this is very true…in the name of we are friends. men take advantage of ladies. thanks to lady who shared this. It is exactly what i also feel. that is a kind of cheating.

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