Dear baby girl,

I know you are well and prepared for another year, full of school and me! First is to let you know that I have enjoyed the time I have spent with you at home. You have become a bit chubbier and your face is more relaxed.  You are a big girl now, things will stop happening round the house unless you make them happen. With lost so love, we have some 2017 household rules.

  1. Every morning your school shoes will be exactly where you leave them as you go to sleep. So please don’t embarrass me in school, brush your shoes and prepare all you need for school before you sleep.
  2. The kitchen sink is a place we wash dishes from. It is not for storing dirty dishes. (Now that you are older, there is no excuse for not washing sufurias and knives, I believe you can handle this)
  3. Money will still be used in our house, but we will always account for it. Instead of saying ‘I used it.’ Now you will be saying ‘I used it to…’
  4. The TV, laptop, phone etc should not be left on when not in use. There is no more ‘Jesus is watching news’ He is in our house but He knows everything happening in the world.
  5. Together we shall always clear our plates. No dozing off while eating and no taking food back to the kitchen. (yes, I know it’s tough on me, I said ‘together, a step at a time)
  6. I know homework is too much, if I was your teacher I wouldn’t be giving you any homework, but am not. So homework will be done on time.
  7. No blame game. Don’t blame your pencil, ruler, books or locker. Work harder in school. All I need is your best!
  8. People who come to visit us will not be given too much information about us. Let’s have some secrets, please…
  9. This is the most important one; we will not go to bed sad or mad at each other. We will say sorry, please, thank you and excuse me more often.
  10. In everything we do, say or think. We will acknowledge God. BECAUSE He dwells in us all the time.

The list is not complete; we have more time to work on it. Let me know if you need any clarification….

This is a blessed year. Lets live!

Yours Truly

Mother (Rodah)

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