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The heated electioneering season in Kenya is over, right? Is it ever over? Or has it just began? Well, it depends with where you sit. For some, it was over the moment they cast their vote. For me, the internet appears less toxic and things are getting better. Truth be told, politics has a way of bringing out the worst in us. A few of my friends just disappeared from social media during this season. I was searching for one particular one whose timeline always makes me laugh. I needed it, some clean memes and Christian jokes. I couldn’t find her at all, I wondered what I had done to make her block me. Had I posted anything blue yet she belonged to team yellow or vice versa? I decided to leave a message for her.

My dear friend replied that she was very okay and I hadn’t been blocked. She had taken time off social media to rest her mind and guard her heart. Wow! For me, many times when people deactivate their accounts I take it as a sign of weakness. They couldn’t handle the heat, they are running away from the truth, and maybe I throw in the salt of the earth and light of the world verses to guilt trip them back on social media to be the light. Little did I know it is a actually a sign of strength. For someone to identify a problem and have the courage to do something about it, it is an act of courage and self love.

Proverbs 4:23 says “Guard your heart with all diligence, for from it flow springs of life.” We ought to do all it takes to guard what goes in our hearts. Many times we allow so much toxicity to dwell in our hearts and wonder why we have become so toxic to those around us. Today, take an inward look at the kind of person you are becoming. What is your heart full of? Is it full of God’s word? Is it full of the Holy Spirit? Is it full of praise and worship to God? Is it full of vulgar memes and jokes? Is it full of vlogs that are making you envious and immoral? What consist 80% of your heart?

Once you know what your heart is made of, you are to make a choice. Are there accounts that need to be deactivated? Are there places you need to avoid? Are there people you need to unfollow? Are there songs you need to delete? Switching off your phone for a few hours will not kill you. Most times when I do this, no one actually calls…

Don’t tolerate any kind of content that is not drawing you closer to God. It may look harmless but it is replacing the Holy Spirit in your heart. It is better to be close to God while your social media is deactivated, than keep filling your heart with content that distracts you from your walk with God. Remember, nothing is worth going to hell for. As much as you would like to stay updated and in touch, remember to rest your mind and guard your heart.

May God give us courage to deactivate form any form of worldliness and guard our hearts with all diligence.


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