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I get really stressed with unfinished business. I know this is not the first time I am saying this, I love finishing my work. I love ticking my to-do lists, making sure I have accomplished what I set my mind to. Do I always tick? NO! Many times my daily plans don’t work; sometimes I accomplish other things that were not part of the plan. Does it still make me grumpy? YES! Okay, bottom line, my projects are not done until I am done! At times it ends in tears. I also love seeing the people around me finish what they start, the ideas, the projects, the dreams. Moving around in the city of Nairobi, I get disturbed by unfinished buildings, especially those that have been stagnant for years, I know the owners have a reason for that, but my heart gets disturbed.

Imagine being assured that the work will be completed come rain, come sunshine! Knowing fully well that whatever has begun will be brought to completion. That is the promise we have in Christ, He is faithful to bring whatever good work he begins to completion. Now, note that He brings to completion what He starts, not what you start. We tend to start things even outside God’s will and declare that God will bring them to completion. No, He is committed to His plans, to His purpose. I was once told that if I do things outside God’s will, I should know that it’s upon me to bring them to completion, well, it’s impossible! It’s impossible for any man to achieve completion of the heart, mind, body and soul outside Christ.

It’s July, the month that we celebrate the number seven, the number of completion. My prayer is that we shall be complete in Christ; we shall be made whole by submitting to God’s will. God promises us completion; He promises us eternal life, He promises life in abundance. All we need to do is to submit to the conditions of the promise. We have to believe, we have to trust in Him, we have to surrender to His leadership. God always plays His part without fail, but for us to experience completion, we must obey.

Do not let disobedience cause you to miss out on God’s promises; strive to be completely right with God by working on your relationship with Him.

Once we get born again, God starts His work in us, and He takes it upon Himself to bring it unto completion. We are hopeful and strong because we know that God’s purpose for our lives will be fulfilled. As He brings this work to completion, He moulds us, He works in us, He trims us and equips us. The process is not always easy, the seasons may be tough. But we take heart because our lives are in God’s hands. He will not stop until the work is done. He will create in us clean hearts and strengthen us each step of the way. True completion is in knowing that the one who calls us is faithful and living in obedience to His word.

So go ahead and declare completion in this seventh month of the year, but remember it is more than just posting on social media and sending ‘the month of completion’ texts, we have a part to play in order to receive the completion. Are you complete in Christ? Have you accepted Jesus as Lord and savior in your life? Are you obeying His voice and keeping your mind stayed on Him? I desire that you will be found complete.


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