Changing diapers makes me happy!

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Remember I told you a few weeks ago that my baby was unwell? Actually my entire household was unwell, you may not have noticed because I am the woman. I still have to get things done. So my son had fevers and diarrhea, it was frustrating. On one of the days I used fifteen diapers! FIXTEEN! (In this our economy, this is not a joke) Anyway, I kept changing him waiting for the normal poop. Every time I changed his diaper my heart was anxious, it seemed not to be getting any better. I gave him medicine and waited, nothing changed. This happened for two days. I prayed and asked God to heal my son.

On the third day, ladies and gentlemen, I heard him groaning and I knew what it meant! Good poop! Normal poop! Yes I was right! I changed his diaper with a smile, I did not even feel the smell. If you saw me, you would think I am mad. I have never been so happy about poop. Up to now, I change his diapers with a smile, I look at normal poop as a sign that my son is healthy. I remember when he was sick and the fifteen diapers a day and I praise God! Its not a normal thing, its not an expected thing. Its a blessing. Its a miracle to be alive and healthy.

In life we tend to take things for granted and consider them normal. We even become entitled and familiar with God’s blessings. Waking up is a miracle that leads to many other miracles. We need to have an attitude of gratitude even for the things we consider normal and small: Because they are not.

I watched my friend’s sick grandmother being taken care of, being bathed and taken to the toilet. I came to appreciate the blessing of being able to take a shower by myself and pee without medication. I have seen families go without food, and I have come to appreciate every meal that God provides for me. I have seen women cry for the blessing of children and come to thank God for my children. I have seen people look for jobs for years unsuccessfully and learnt to that God for the open doors around me. What you take for granted is someone else’s prayer request.

So don’t wait for days of diarrhea to start thanking God for normal poop. Arise and praise Him for life, for what you have, for what you can see. It’s not normal, its a miracle! You can afford internet to read this, praise God! Thank God for things you have never thought of thanking Him for.

‘Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!’ (1 Chronicles 16:34) 


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