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I get offended when I talk to someone and they go quiet. Okay, not everybody, only those who really matter. Like my husband, when we have a misunderstanding, silence drains me completely. Talk! Lets talk! That aside, I cannot imagine requesting him to do something and he walks away in silence. The human me would want to find out why he is quiet, or choose to do it myself and never ask for his help again. In short, it feels bad crying to someone and they seem not to care, we expect that when we reach out to people close to us, they should drop everything and attend to us. If they don’t, we refer to them as ‘toxic’ and cut them off. Ever thought of changing your tactic?

“Jesus went from there to the cities of Tyre and Sidon. A woman came from the land of Canaan. She cried out to Jesus and said, “Take pity on me, Lord, Son of David! My daughter has a demon and is much troubled.”  But Jesus did not speak a word to her. (Matthew 15:21-23)

This Canaanite woman had a reason to go back home and never to believe in Jesus again. In fact the Bible says the disciples kept telling Jesus to send her away. So Jesus ‘ignored her’ and His followers found her annoying. That was too much!

But instead of angrily walking away and cursing Jesus, she decided to change her tactic. Instead of crying and asking for pity, she decided to worship. “Then she came and got down before Jesus and worshiped Him. She said, “Lord, help me!” (Matthew 15:25) She then became so persistent until Jesus gave her what she was asking for. Her daughter received instant healing.

This morning, I have been crying to God over an issue, thinking that its not a priority to Him. Then I read about this woman. What if, instead of crying and asking for pity, I just worship God? What if I persistently seek Him in worship? This woman could have been easily discouraged, she could have walked away feeling unloved, vowing never to try again, vowing never to pray again, but no, her faith was stronger than the shame she experienced. She believed in the power of Jesus and knew that if she kept at it, she will receive her miracle. She chose to worship. She chose to stay. She chose to believe.

Has God been silent on your need? Are you discouraged that your tears and cries are not bearing fruit? Its time to go on your knees and worship God for who He is. Stay there! Stay at His feet!

People, even in church, may be mocking you. Let them. God may be silent, its okay. Do not be intimidated, do not be discouraged. Choose to be persistent in worship, keep asking as you worship, be found seeking the Lord in humility. Stay there until you see your breakthrough. Change your tactic, instead of giving up, be persistent. Instead of cutting off people, show them love. Instead of being cruel, be kind. Instead of plotting revenge, forgive. Instead of giving up, stay at His feet. As you spend time in worship, God will redirect your tactics, and grant you peace.

May the Lord increase your faith. May your faith, even as small as a mustard seed, cause you to stay persistently at His feet.


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