Back to Bethel

#TreasuredTruth #340Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha Jacob and I have something in common. We both met God at a place of fear. In Genesis 27, Jacob takes Esau's blessings from their father Isaac. When Esau realizes what had happened, he comes for Jacob’s neck, and so Jacob has to flee. He encounters God through a dream at a [...]

No Words

#TreasuredTruth #339Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha This year has been crazy worldwide, so many losses around us. I have walked with many friends and my online family in these times when we cannot understand what is going on. I wouldn't describe myself as a 'good comforter' I never know what to say; there is a time I went [...]

Broken But Useful

#TreasuredTruth #338Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha Yesterday I spent time online watching people make use of broken jars and pots. It is amazing how a broken vessel is made more beautiful than it was in the first place. When my flower vases and jars break, I throw them away. I don't even think twice. Of what use is [...]

Personal But Not Private

#TreasuredTruth #337Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha I remember when my husband and I made our relationship public, letting our families, friends and spiritual authorities know about us. We had gotten to a very personal level that we could not keep it private anymore. I was so happy to finally let people know what we share and share our [...]

He Made A Way

#TreasuredTruth#336Of366#RawderKidulaKedaha This morning I remember the first COVID-19 announcement in March this year. The fear, paranoia and panic that surrounded me. I had no answers for my daughter, I could not ask my husband for healing. I felt helpless and defeated. In the midst of it all, I made a prayer, asking God for special [...]

Stay ‘Half Full’

#TreasuredTruth #335Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha You have probably heard of the half full half empty glass. The best illustration there is for determining one's world view. Thomas Cathcart puts I this way: “The optimist says, "The glass is half full." The pessimist says, "The glass is half empty." The rationalist says, "This glass is twice as big [...]

Now Forgive Yourself

#TreasuredTruth #334Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha One thing we should be all sure of is God's forgiveness. I have personally struggled believing that God has forgiven me. Sometimes when I sin, guilt blocks me from believing that God's love is unconditional. Even after confessing my sins according to 1 John 1:9, there is still a voice that reminds [...]

Daring Faith

#TreasuredTruth #333Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha "So Jesus said to them, …for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you." (Matthew 17:20) I have quoted this Bible verse so many times especially [...]

The Great Invitation

#TreasuredTruth#332Of366#RawderKidulaKedaha I remember coming up with the guest list for my wedding. It was a carefully thought about process; cards were made and invites sent to specific people. Family and the people my husband and I considered friends. Many responded by attending our wedding, we were so pleased. Others sent apologies, while others havent responded [...]

Types Of Lies

#TreasuredTruth #331Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha The sad fact of life is that we all have lied at some point. I remember in school learning about media ethics and we were introduced to types of lies. We were taught about 'situational lies'; those that hurt nobody and help someone. 'minimization lies' those that reduce the damage made by [...]