366/366 (I Testify)

#TreasuredTruth #366Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha As I write this, I cannot believe that have written a devotion daily throughout this year. It was a few months after resigning from my radio job. My husband and I were talking about 2020 plans and I felt empty; I wanted something to do this year. Something impactful. I remembered how [...]

The Other Side of 2020

#TreasuredTruth #365Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha On one side, Mary and Joseph had been bombarded with information that thwarted their plans. This must have been confusing, but on the other side, they were willing to be used by God for a greater purpose. Job also went through a lot, pain and loss attacked him unexpectedly, but on the other side [...]

Its Time To Count

#TreasuredTruth #364Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha It is that time of the year that people talk about their achievements. I have personally seen a few posts on social media; houses have been built, families established, graduations, promotions, business growth, and much more. We also have many people posting photos of their families, giving thanks to the Lord for [...]

Do It Quietly

#TreasuredTruth #363Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha We are daily bombarded by public scandals: When we hear any bad news concerning people's marriages, businesses, and life in general, we are quick to air it in public. We no longer privately correct people, instead we make it known that we are mad, we have to point fingers, crucify them and [...]

Let Every Heart …

#TreasuredTruth #362Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha "Joy to the world, the Lord has come. Let earth receive the king! Let every heart, prepare Him room." Words from one of my favorite Christmas carols. The last part strikes me every time I sing. This is what comes to mind when hosting a guest in my house, I always prepare [...]

The Day After Christmas

#TreasuredTruth #361Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha The day after Christmas is usually a lazy day spent in hangovers from Christmas day. Many sleep all day, others clean up and start the journey back to 'normal', others start traveling back to the cities. The merry mood starts going down and to some, Jesus will be mentioned again as the [...]

The Unexpected Sign

#TreasuredTruth #360Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha When I see expectant celebrities all over the world, I expect the child to be born in very expensive hospitals and have the best child care in the world. I have seen children have rooms bigger than my entire house, having toys worth more than my net worth. Once I saw one [...]

All These and More

#TreasuredTruth #359Of366 #RawderKidulaKedaha So many things make me happy in my current daily routine. Let's start with my morning tea, reading my books, having conversations with friends and family, journaling, my cooking turning out right, talking long relaxing walks, snacking, watching predictable Christmas movies. They may seem small and little but they do wonders to [...]

You Will Find

#TreasuredTruth#357Of366#RawderKidulaKedaha If you wake up one morning to look for reasons you will find them. "What reasons?" You may ask. Any reasons! If you look for reasons to hate someone, you will find. If you look for reasons to quit you will find them. If you look for reasons to love you will find. If [...]