Where is the Fruit?

14/100 #SoWillI #Inspired In my father's homestead there are a few mango trees. Please don't ask me for any mangoes, because we can count the number of mangoes that have sprouted from the tree. Well, there are about four trees, only one produces fruit; lets say three mangoes in a year. To make it worse, [...]

I Don’t Know

13/100 #SoWillI #Inspired My first ever article on this site was about my daughter wanting to be an electrician when she grows up. I loved that season; she used to be so many things each day. We moved from electrician, to doctor (this one only lasted for few hours) to president, to judge, to banker, [...]

Just a Second

12/100 #SoWillI #Inspired One day equals 24 hours, one hour equals sixty minutes, one minute equals sixty seconds. Without a second, the minute is incomplete. So much can happen/change in a second. I once wasted a whole week by despising a second. This is what I mean; many times I have convinced myself that a [...]

Ask Me

11/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Growing up with my siblings, I was supposed to be the courageous one. I clearly wasn't, my siblings were just using me to make their requests known to my father. (Thank God we have someone else playing that role now.) They made it worse by purporting that I was dad’s favourite. So [...]

If I Had a Choice…

10/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Sometimes life gives us choices, other times it leaves us without a choice. But at the end of the day, there's always a choice to make. This week some “impossible” situations have been presented to me. A friend of mine is in pain, been sick; in and out of hospital for years. [...]

On Duty

9/100 #SoWillI #Inspired I have been brought up by teachers; in Kenya this means that growing up, being seen seated anywhere without a book was a punishable offense. My mother just retired recently, so for once, our house has no books being marked or marking schemes and term planners lying around. I have seen my [...]

Trust Issues

8/100 #SoWillI #Inspired My daughter has been using the phrase 'Trust Issues' a lot this season. She mostly refers to her brother's behaviour. See, my son hasn't been around much; I have kept him indoors for a long while. Chances are that if you visit me he wont be so nice to you; you wont [...]

He is Growing Fast!

7/100 #SoWillI #Inspired My baby boy is seven and a half months now! Isn’t the Lord faithful! He is all over the place crawling from corner to corner, putting everything and anything in his mouth. He still looks like his dad (I almost said unfortunately. Hahaha) With his two little teeth, he can now eat [...]

The Gift of a Sieve

6/100 #SoWillI #Inspired During my bridal shower, I was gifted with a sieve. A nice kitchen sieve that I use in my kitchen. I just saw it this morning and remembered it’s purpose: To sieve my words. Yes, as I stepped into marriage, I was adviced to watch my words. I was to sieve them [...]

Still Involved

5/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Parenting is hard! Oh let me be more kind. Parenting has many challenges, every stage has its own ups and downs. By now, you may be aware that I have a teenager and a baby. (Look at their beautiful hands on that photo) See? I started by thinking of how challenging parenting [...]