Gates and Doors

79/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Our gate is always closed; In fact when you visit I have to come and open it for you. If you cannot access me you have to explain to the guard where you are going and mention the house number. We are very careful on who comes in and what they come [...]

Little Things

77/100 #SoWillI #Inspired “Dream big! Make your plans big! Go for bigger goals” they say. So most of us wake up and start thinking big, making big plans, desiring big things, talking big, but we make one mistake, we despise the little. Look at the little things around you; the things you call 'little' in [...]

Cancel Culture

76/100 #SoWillI #Inspired We live in a society that has no second chances; make one mistake and the whole world cancels you. Heard of the cancel culture? It is the mass withdrawal of support from people who do unacceptable things in the society. It mostly affects celebrities but anyone call fall prey. I have seen [...]

Change Your Tactic

75/100 #SoWillI #Inspired I get offended when I talk to someone and they go quiet. Okay, not everybody, only those who really matter. Like my husband, when we have a misunderstanding, silence drains me completely. Talk! Lets talk! That aside, I cannot imagine requesting him to do something and he walks away in silence. The [...]

The Real Work

74/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Have you ever admired someone’s grasp of scripture, or how they pray? I have, and at first I used to be very intimidated to even contribute in a Bible study in front of people I considered gurus. I remember a lady whose prayers always made sense and she prayed the scriptures. I [...]

My son, a carrot and me.

73/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Yesterday I had over thirty minutes of unnecessary drama; and there's nothing I could do about it. I got some fresh carrots from the market and place them in the kitchen as I continued with my chores. My son is at a very busy stage, he is always all over discovering things, [...]

Give It Up

72/100 #SoWillI #Inspired I once heard a preacher say “nothing and nobody is worth going to hell for” She was talking about total surrender. Those words changed my life, in marriage I keep telling myself “nothing and nobody is worth losing my marriage for” because it’s all about giving up some things that don’t really [...]

Red Flags…

71/100 #SoWillI #Inspired In our human relationships, we are very keen about identifying red flags; these are signs and warnings that things are heading south. Many ladies often describe the situations in their relationships and ask 'are these red flags?' Well, most of the time, they ask because they already know that the behaviours they [...]

Don’t call me Mara!

70/100 #SoWillI #Inspired Another difficult conversation happened last night. Between an online friend and I. She was fed up with this 'waiting on God thing' In her words, 'God keeps disappointing me!' It was a very intense conversation, but I decided to do things differently. Normally, I am an encourager, trying to convince people why [...]