#9 Peniel Esther

Meet Peniel Esther, she is six years old. Very bold. She aspires to be a doctor when she grows up. So here we go, #MyRandom10QuestionsForTheUnder10 1. Why do people go to church? Peniel: Because it shows they are worshippers 2. Must everyone have a car? Peniel: No, because you can also use a bus or [...]

#8 Elizabeth Mbeke

From Acacia Crest Academy, here is Elizabeth Mbeke. She is one of the girls I have met whose faces are stuck on my mind, not just the face but the smile too. So here we go: #MyRandom10QuestionsForTheUnder10 1. What would you like to be when you grow older: Elizabeth: I would like to be a [...]

#7 Xolani Atila

Meet yet another princess. Xolani, beautiful and full of energy. She goes to Killini preparatory school. she inspired me o ask my #Random10QusetionsForTheUnder10 1. What would you like to be when you grow up? Xolani: I would like to be a pediatrician when I grow up and take care of children 2. What is your [...]

#6 Hadassah Tesfaye

  In my #Random10QuestionsForTheUnder10 this week, I met beautiful, courageous and very optimistic Ethiopian/Kenyan girl. Meet 8-year-old Hadassah Teaffaye, she goes to Gifted Hands School and is working hard to be a doctor! 1. Which is the best place to live in Nairobi? Hadassah: Dagoretti corner, there is  no corruption there, and they are making roads there. [...]

#5 Nadia Njumbi

Sweet girl,very disciplined, one of those 7 year old children  who listen with their eyes, direct eye contact! She came over for the children's show, and during the show I kept wanting to hear more, ask more and get her very mature school of thought. So we landed on my #Random10QuestionsForTheUnder10  1. Where do babies [...]

#4 Crystal Wanjiru

Have you ever met a group of kids, but one stands out so tall, I mean really confidently tall. That’s Crystal Wanjiru, 8-year-old beauty I met recently. She goes to Jabali Christian School. One look at her I knew she is my next princess, apparently she had dressed the part for my #Random10QuestionsForTheUnder10 1. Must [...]

#3 Tamilla Waithera

Tamilla is enjoying her childhood, during her free time, she is out playing healthy games and making discoveries. She is 8 years old, and goes to Kiambu Christian School. She is the voice behind the 'Treasure Hunt weather on Hope FM, so we interact a lot, but for today's segment, I called her one Sunday [...]

#1 Abby Kimani

Abby kimani is 9 years old, she is the most energetic girl I know. Always ready to venture in new adventures and yearns for knowledge. Talking to her, makes me feel like she is thrice her age. Above all she is very dedicated to Gods work. She reads the treasure hunt bulletin on Hope FM [...]