Cancel Culture

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We live in a society that has no second chances; make one mistake and the whole world cancels you. Heard of the cancel culture? It is the mass withdrawal of support from people who do unacceptable things in the society. It mostly affects celebrities but anyone call fall prey. I have seen people being unfollowed on social media because of their speech and conduct. I have also seen products and services being boycotted because a person associated with them did something wrong. I have interreacted with people who have been cancelled and they go through depression. So where did this culture come from? Does it scare you as a child of God?

We are scared to speak the truth because we might be cancelled! We will offend certain groups of people. We’d rather tell people what they want to hear because the word of God is too tough on some. Even in church, we are scared to mention some words like abortion, divorce, homosexuality and even corruption. Because we will be cancelled by some people and they will not come back. Sometimes God gives people a word to share, even on a WhatsApp status, but we try sugar coat it to fit our followers needs, or else they will block us, they will not subscribe to our channels, they will cancel us. Sad, very sad, that we are after pleasing people than speaking the truth that is in God’s word. Do not be ashamed of the Gospel. (Romans 1:16)

I have also thinking, what happened to love? What if God cancelled us every time we sinned. ‘Oh Rawder, some of this people do the worst! they deserve to be jailed for life!’ Yes, I agree, some of them stoop so low. So do you and I! We are not saints, just because we are not widely known, doesn’t mean we are perfect. We have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. (Romans 3:23) We are all products of Grace. Jesus was canceled on our behalf, and we ought to extend grace to others. When people around you are being canceled, be the light, be the salt. Remember the Lord’s prayer? “Forgive us for doing wrong, as we forgive others.” (Matthew 6:12)

Today I pray that we shall have the courage to speak the truth in love, without fear of being cancelled by the society, the church or even our families. I pray that we shall have hearts that forgive, we shall not be too quick to cancel people, instead we shall replace the cancel culture with the love culture. Because love covers a multitude of sin. (1 Peter 4:8)

~ Selah

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  1. This is powerful.Am challenged in my dealings with people…to see God in them, know I sin too,and show mercy and love.
    Thank you.

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