Can you tell me more about yourself?

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The ups and downs of social media have brought me here today. One of the questions I’m often asked is ‘Can I know more about you?’ Well, I never know how to reply this one, at times I reply with a question ‘What would you like to know?’ By this time I’m a bit irritated hoping that someone would get straight to the point. I then get a reply ‘I would like to know everything.’ How do I start revealing everything about me to a stranger? As loud as I am on my social media pages, I still don’t tell the public everything about me. I only show the side I want people to know. Even my own husband does not know everything about me; each day is a learning day.

Well, if you are one of them I am very sorry. I also have wanted to know everything about people I admire or look up to. I wish we just became best friends instantly, but that is not how it normally goes. If I am serious about knowing someone, I will listen to their songs, read their books, read their blogs, watch their shows, follow them on social media, go through interviews they have done and even google them at some point. Little by little, I realize their values, their journey, their challenges, their mistakes, their achievements, and much more. But it all starts with my interest. So you want to know more about me? Please start by doing some research on my platforms.

In our walk with God, we also cannot sit beside a pool and expect to know everything about God instantly. That is why it is called a walk. It is a journey. After we give our lives to Jesus and choose to follow Him, the walk begins. The best way to know God is through His word. Intentionally taking time to read the Bible and meditate upon it. It also requires prayer, every relationship is sustained by communication, and for communication to be effective, there should be both talking and listening. In this walk you need fellowship, people to walk with as you learn and grow together. Step by step, He will keep revealing more of Himself to you.

The good thing is that God is willing to show Himself to us. He has made so many promises for us in His word. He is willing to show us great and mighty things that we do not know (Jeremiah 33:3) He is willing to answer us when we cry to Him, (Mark 11:24) He is willing to forgive us (1 John 1:9) He is willing to redeem us (Psalm 34:19) He is willing to save us (Romans 10:9-10)He is willing to protect us, (Isaiah 41:10) There’s so much God is willing to do for us, there’s so much to know about Him, all it takes is a step of faith into His word, into prayer and into fellowship. Do your part and you will know Him.


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