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‘Where there is evidence, nothing else matters” a lawyer told me this recently. She was filling me in about her week’s victories and it was evident that she had had a great week. All thanks to her client’s evidence. She went on and on telling me how one piece of evidence can bring the case to a close. ‘As long as it is verified and valid’ she kept adding. It could be inform of a receipt, a photo, video or even audio recording. Evidence presented in court can make everything else irrelevant. On the flip side, not much can be done or said where there’s lack of evidence.

My mind wandered as we spoke and I started thinking about my Christian walk. Do I have evidence that can bring a conclusion to a matter?

When God changes someone there must be some evidence, people around you will notice change of behaviour, change of speech, change of attitude and other changes. It was so evident for Saul, even his name changed. It was a no brainer, he had been greatly transformed from persecuting Christians to preaching and teaching about Jesus. (Acts 9:1-31) So even if you try remind Paul about Saul, trying to condemn him for what he did in the past, you wont win it. Because the evidence is so loud that he is no longer the same.

In John 9 from verse 24, the Pharisees were investigating a man’s miraculous healing, demanding that he confesses Jesus is a sinner.  He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” The evidence was so clear that every other allegation and accusation did not make sense. The evidence made the man not even care about the cause of his blindness. It did not matter, all he knew is that he was blind and now he could see. They got frustrated and threw him out because they could not argue with the evidence.

Back to the first paragraph, where there is evidence, nothing else matters. When people around you see the new you, they will give up reminding you of the past. When you know the new man you are, no one will bring you down by reminding you of who you are. All you need to do is to work on the evidence. It is seen in your choices, your values, your actins, your speech…it is conspicuous. Lack of evidence is also conspicuous and you will easily be defeated or stalled when you claim to have met Jesus yet you are still the same.

Today, reflect on your life, since you met Jesus, what is the evidence? Let that evidence take away any worry and doubt you have on your salvation. Yes you were lost, BUT NOW…


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