Broken But Useful

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Yesterday I spent time online watching people make use of broken jars and pots. It is amazing how a broken vessel is made more beautiful than it was in the first place. When my flower vases and jars break, I throw them away. I don’t even think twice. Of what use is broken glass? In fact it is dangerous because of the sharp edges. My mother did the same thing, I remember sweeping broken pieces and throwing them away. But I have come to realize that though broken, vessels can be made useful again.

That is exactly what God does with broken people. He does not throw them away, He does not disown them. Instead, He uses the painful experiences, the excruciating journey, the hurt, the betrayal, the sicknesses, the confusion and everything else that breaks us. He makes us useful again, we broken people who feel useless are made whole in the hands of God.

For God’s glory, God uses the broken and weak to shame the strong. He promises to stay close to the broken hearted. He causes broken people to inspire others, In Psalm The sacrifices of God are a broken  spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise. (Psalm 51:17) This should assure you today, that even though your spirit has been broken, even though you feel useless, God will never despise you. In fact. He is able to make you useful again. In your brokenness go to Him, allow Him to create something useful out of that brokenness.


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