Blue Ticked!

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When we write text messages, emails and even make calls, we always have an expectation that we will get a response. I have ‘blue ticked’ people whose requests were urgent. Some have been very mad at me, while some have forgiven me. I have also just ignored some for personal reasons, blocked others as well. The other side of the coin is also real, I have been ‘blue ticked’ by people, seen them online responding to others but kept my messages pending. It is excruciatingly painful! But it is life, no one is too busy to reply your message, we all have priorities.

Nevertheless, no one likes to be ignored, we all like getting attention especially from specific people at specific times. Now, when human beings go silent on us, we may get hurt and discouraged. It happens all the time as part of life. We fail to get responses even on job applications! It sometimes can be translated as ‘I don’t care’ or ‘you don’t matter’

Now, what happens when God blue ticks us? What does it mean? Should we delete the message and block Him? Should we wait for a response first or keep writing more message yet we are being blue ticked? In the Bible, we read of a woman who was given a physical blue tick by Jesus Himself: The Canaanite woman. Matthew 15; 21-23 ‘A Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to him, crying out, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me! My daughter is demon-possessed and suffering terribly.” Jesus did not answer a word. So his disciples came to him and urged him, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.”

She was not only blue ticked by her only Hope, but chased away by disciples. This could be heart-breaking for anyone, but she persisted without losing heart or wavering. She could easily think that Jesus is heartless and does not care. She could have gone back home desperate and decide never to seek God again.  Instead of turning away from Jesus, “she came and worshiped Him, saying ‘Lord, help me’”. What an attitude! What persistent!

Today have you been discouraged because of God’s silence? Have you given up because of a few blue ticks? The Canaanite woman reminds us all to keep praying persistently. Do not lose hope, do not stop praying and seeking the Lord. Like the Canaanite woman, may our faith cause us to remain persistent, even when God is silent.


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