Bible Trivia -January

  1. When Samson killed 1000 Philistines at Lehi what weapon did he use? —– Ans: The jawbone of an ass (Judges 15:15)
  2. How old was David when he was anointed King of Israel? —– Ans: 30 years (2 Samuel 5:4)
  3. Which disciples witnessed Jesus’ Transfiguration? —– Ans: Peter, James & John (Matthew 17:1-2, Mark 9:2, Luke 9:28-29)
  4. In Damascus, whose sight was restored by Ananias? —– Ans: Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:17-18)
  5. To whom did Jesus say, “Get thee behind me, Satan”? —– Ans: Peter (Matthew 16:23 & Mark 8:33) and Satan (Luke 4:8)
  6. What are the final words of Jesus recorded in the New Testament? —– Ans: “Surely I come quickly” (Revelations 22:20)
  7. Prior to his conversion, how did Saul refer to the followers of Jesus Christ? —–Ans: The Way (Acts 9:2)
  8. How many rivers were formed from the river that went out of Eden? —– Ans: Four (Genesis 2:10) [Pishon, Gihon, Hiddekel, and Euphrates]
  9. What is the name of the place where Jacob slept and dreamed of Jacob’s Ladder? —– Ans: Bethel (Genesis 28:19)
  10. Who told Naaman to wash in the river Jordan seven times in order to cure his leprosy? —– Ans: Elisha (2 Kings 5:10)
  11. Who announced to Zachariah that his wife would bear a child to be named John (the Baptist)? —– Ans: The Angel Gabrieal (Luke 1:13)

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